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    Day 28: Wednesday, 1st March 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 11.2)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Discussion of administrative issues 1.27-11.2

    Part II: Irving Resumes Cross-Examination of Dr. Funke (11.3-151.25)

    Section 11.3 to 21.17

    Irving’s involvement with Kuhnen and the Vertherren Halle 11.3-15.24

    Irving questions Funke on photographs of events Irving attended 15.25-21.17

    Section 21.18 to 59.9

    Irving’s association with the NPD and Gottfried Kussel 21.18-25.4

    Irving’s association with Dr. Decker 25.5-29.21

    Irving’s association with Christian Worch and Ernst Zundel 29.22-35.5

    Irving’s connection with Remer and other right-wingers including Althans 35.6-59.9

    Section 59.10 to 68.1

    Irving’s claim that there was no mass murder with poison gas 59.10-62.3

    Irving argues his comment was mistranslated 62.4-68.1

    Section 68.2 to 95.7

    Irving’s footnote on “Arbeit macht Frei” 68.2-70.26

    Irving’s trip to Austria and involvement with various associates 71.1-91.2

    Judge Gray rebuffs Irving for his cross-examination 91.27-95.7

    Section 95.8 to 125.1

    Dinner party with Althans and others on Hitler’s birthday 95.8-108.17

    Questions regarding the Staglich letter and Irving’s involvement 108.18-111.17

    Irving’s involvement with Holocaust revisionism vs. general historical revisionism 111.18-116.11

    Discussion of Rudolf Hess 116.12-117.21

    Discussion of Kuhnen and letter to Zundel regarding “bewegung” and lawfulness 117.22-120.26

    Brief questions regarding Funke’s comments about Irving and Althans, Drayher, and the Goebbels diaries in his report 121.1-125.1

    Section 125.2 to 151.25

    Discussion of video in which Funke claims Irving asserts that death camps did not exist 125.2-131.2

    Irving’s relation to Professor Christopherson 131.3-132.8

    Irving’s connection to Felderer, Kussel and Riga 132.9-136.11

    Air raid shelters as Auschwitz 136.12-137.3

    Irving’s contact with Schwierzak and the National Offensive 137.4-146.15

    Germany’s “sensitivity” to right-wing activity 146.16-149.6

    Irving’s connection to Dienel 149.7-151.25

    Part III: Rampton Re-Examines Dr. Funke 151.26 to 195.25

    Irving’s claim to never have spoken of the non-existence of gas chambers except in terms of Auschwitz 151.26-168.13

    Irving’s conduct regarding German law and Holocaust denial 168.14-185.18

    Re-examination of Funke on meeting in Hagenau attended by Irving 185.19-195.25

    Part IV: Dr. Funke further Cross-Examined by Irving 195.26 to 204.18

    Irving’s incendiary rhetoric and other matters 195.26-202.13

    Questioning of Dr. Funke concluded, administrative matters addressed 202.14-204.18