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    Day 29: Thursday, 2nd March 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 12.2)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Discussion of administrative issues 1.27-12.2

    Part II: Rampton Cross-Examines Irving, morning session (12.3 to 106.25)

    Section 12.3 to 37.24

    Rampton asks Irving about telephone box gas chambers 12.2-15.24

    Irving questioned on his use of the account of Karl Wolff and other eyewitness testimony 15.25-25.13

    Irving identifies Eli Wiesel and what he believes are other “spurious” survivors of the Holocaust 25.14-27.12

    Irving insists he never denies the existence of gas chambers at large, and Rampton brings up evidence to the contrary 27.13-37.24

    Section 37.25 to 60.13

    Rampton reviews Irving’s answers to questions regarding his knowledge of and involvement with the National Alliance 37.25-39.22

    Rampton refutes Irving’s insistence that he had no knowledge of the National Alliance with a letter addressed to him on NA paper 39.23-44.1

    Irving on events he spoke at where NA banners and literature were displayed 44.2-60.13

    Section 60.14 to 78.25

    Content of Irving’s lectures about AIDS and “white living-space” 60.15-67.2

    Discussion of Irving’s 1998 meeting and potentially omitted diary entries 67.3-72.9

    Irving’s involvement with the British National Party, his speaking at a party meeting, and his BNP associates 72.10-78.25

    Section 78.26 to 106.25

    The du Bois letter and Irving’s claim of ignorance regarding it 78.26-84.23

    Irving’s willful misrepresentation of facts in Hitler’s War 84.24-92.25

    Irving’s book on Goebbels 92.26-106.25

    Part III: Rampton Cross-Examines Irving, afternoon session (106.26 to 186.9)

    Section 106.26 to 162.13

    Irving’s assertion that gas chambers were an invention of British propaganda 106.26-136.9

    Irving’s case against Gita Sereny 136.10-144.2

    Irving’s knowledge of the Goebbels diaries 144.3-162.13

    Section 162.14 to 186.9

    Discussion regarding Irving’s evidentiary submissions to the court 162.14-182.21

    Administrative issues 182.22-186.9