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    Day 27: Tuesday, 29th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 9.5)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Administrative matters regarding Eichmann papers and video footage 1.26-9.5

    Part II: Rampton Questions Dr. Hajo Funke (9.6 to 85.21)

    Section 9.6 to 48.6

    Characterization of “the Kuhnen crew” 9.6-14.5

    Irving’s relation to “the Kuhnen crew” 14.6-16.13

    Characterization of Ernst Remer, Althans, and rise of neo-Nazi groups 16.14-20.24

    Characterization of Gottfried Kussel 20.25-23.15

    Characterization of Christian and Ursula Worch and connection to Irving 23.16-28.10

    Characterization of Wilhem Staglich and Udo Walendy and connection to Irving 28.11-30.20

    Characterization of Muchael Swierczek, Ditlieb Felderer 30.21-32.16

    Characterization of Thomas Dienel and connection to Irving 32.17-36.16

    Characterization of Gunter Deckert and connection to Irving 36.17-38.21

    Characterization of Thies Christophersen and the Hagenau meeting 38.22-43.18

    Characterization of Pedro Verla and connection to Irving 43.19-48.6

    Section 48.7 to 85.1

    Videotapes of Irving at Hagenau with Zundel, Faurisson, Worch, Staglich and others 48.7-52.22

    Rampton, Irving and Judge Gray discuss editing and translation of video evidence 52.23-59.4

    Questions regarding a 1990 videotape from Munich which included Bachman, Althans, Kunhen, Staglich, Remer, Roeder, Hancock, Heinke, Phillips and others 59.5-71.

    Questions regarding a 1991 videotape from Passau with Frey, the DVU chief and Irving 71.8-72.4

    Discussion of videotapes from the Leuchter Congress including Althans, Samsidart, Zundel, von Tonningen, Ahmed Rami, Bouffeur, Rock, Staglich, Verla, Knutsen, Worch and others 72.5-76.14

    Questions regarding videotapes from the rally in Halle including discussion of editing, various flags, and the presence of Worch and Dienel 76.15-85.21

    Part III: David Irving Cross-Examines Funke on Video Evidence 85.22 to 183.6

    Section 85.2 to 125.5

    Irving questions Funke on the Halle video 85.2-91.8

    Questions on the video of the Leuchter Congress, the video of the Munich lecture, and others 91.9-96.20

    Funke’s rationale regarding the identification of Irving’s associates and his analysis of Irving’s conduct at various events 96.21-105.21

    Irving’s relation to Althans and the possibility of his having been framed 105.22-113.6

    Irving’s relationship with Rudolf Hess, the Kuhnen movement and Gunter Deckert 113.7-123.19

    Irving’s anti-Semitism 123.20-125.5

    Section 125.6 to 157.4

    Funke’s personal anti-right-wing bias 125.6-130.16

    Funke’s Irving’s ban from Austria, Australia, and Canada 130.16-133.24

    Funke’s suggestion that Irving had “sanitized” his diaries 133.25-136.21

    Use of the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in Funke’s report 136.22-143.3

    Irvings link with Franz Schonhuber’s Party and their extremism 143.3-145.5

    Funke’s opinion of the German People’s Union (DVU) 145.5-147.18

    The “social science” aspects of Funke’s report 147.18-157.4

    Section 157.5 to 182.10

    Discussion of which of Irving’s associations the court will concern itself with 157.5-162.21

    Discussion regarding disclosure and use of Eichmann memoirs provided by Israeli government 162.22-165.18

    Funke’s assessment of the DVU 165.19-171.8

    Irving’s anti-Semitic articles 171.9-171.24

    The logistics of Irving’s involvement in an April 1990 171.25-179.6

    Content of Irving’s speeches at DVU meetings 179.7-182.10

    Administrative issues 182.10-183.6