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    Day 26: Monday, 28th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 9.13)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Administrative Issues Regarding Documents 2.1-9.13

    Part II: David Irving Cross-Examines Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich (9.14 to 70.17)

    Section 9.14-51.10

    Longerich on errors from previous day 9.14-11.23

    Longerich’s use and interpretation of Karl Wolff manuscript 11.24-28.22

    Himmler telephone call on Nov. 30, 1941 28.23-41.23

    Memo written by Horst Arneirt 41.24-46.6

    Roethkt note and construction of barracks at camps 46.7-51.10

    Section 51.11-70.17

    Number of people murdered at Auschwitz 57.8-60.20

    Horthy conference with Hitler 60.21-68.17

    Conference between Hitler and Antonescue 68.18-70.17

    Part III: Richard Rampton Cross-Examines Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich (70.18 to 126.6)

    Section 70.18-108.22

    Hitler’s knowledge of Himmler’s activities 70.18-83.25

    Himmler and Berger’s correspondence regarding death camps in occupied Eastern territories 83.26-101.6

    Complaints by civil servant Lohse about uncontrolled execution of Jews in Lepeier and subsequent orders to surrender control to the SS 101.7-108.22

    Section 108.23-126.6

    Correspondence between Altemeyer and Walter Bruns telling Bruns to continue killings but more discretely 108.23-114.09

    Transparency in reporting done by Germans 114.10-117.15

    Chelmno and movement of prisoners 117.16-126.6

    Part IV: Irving’s Submissions and Concerns (126.7-159.4)

    Irving expresses concern regarding the location of the Muller document 126.7-128.24

    Access to Himmler’s private diaries in the Israeli archives 128.25-129.15

    Lipstadt’s claims against Irving, what constitutes defamation, Irving’s association with extremist groups 129.16-147.18

    Irving’s concerns regarding Funke’s upcoming testimony 147.19-159.4