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    Day 25: Thursday, 24th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 4.14)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Irving provides document concerning position on Einsatzgruppen. 2.1-4.14

    Part II: David Irving’s Cross-Examination of Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich, continued (4.15 to 119.6)

    Section 4.15 to 30.5

    Longerich recalled and questioned on Institute fur Zeitgeschichte and manuscripts by Karl Wolff. 4.15-7.10

    Document is dismissed until original photocopy can be provided. 7.11-10.26

    Irving questions Longerich on condition of camps and number of victims. 11.1-21.18

    13.4 through 21.16 repeated. 21.19-30.5

    Section 30.6 to 56.18

    Irving proposes crematoria used for disease and Longerich emphasizes different camp functions: slave labor and extermination. 30.6-44.1

    Irving questions Longerich on punishment of camp kommandants. 44.2-48.20

    Irving questions Longerich on camp system as “vernichtung durch arbeit” (destruction by labor). 48.21-56.18

    Section 56.19 to 80.08

    Irving questions Longerich on use of secondary sources.56.19-59.7

    The war crimes of Bach-Zelewski. 59.8-63.4

    Concerning the meaning of “verhungern” in Heydrich order. 63.5-65.26

    The authenticity of the document. 66.1-68.10

    The use of the word “all” and the limits of the order. 68.11-80.8

    Section 80.9 to 107.15

    Irving questions Longerich on eyewitness accounts and Hitler’s knowledge. 80.9-84.17

    Irving questions Longerich on number of victims. 84.18-89.1

    Himmler’s discussion with Hitler on Dec. 8th 1941. 89.2-94.8

    Soviet NKVD massacre of Ukrainians and Einsatzgruppen massacre of Jews in Lobov. 94.9-97.11

    Irving proposes that partisan categorization originated with Himmler.97.12-100.14

    Himmler’s radio order that “All Jews must be shot.” 100.15-107.15

    Section 107.16 to 119.5

    Longerich discusses systematic nature and how Muller letter shows Hitler’s awareness. 107.16-109.16

    Irving questions Longerich on Ohlendorf testimony. 109.17-110.19

    Longerich discusses how deportation had genocidal implications. 110.20-112.13

    Longerich contends with Irving’s translation of Greiser letter. 112.14-117.26

    Longerich describes deportation as transitional phase to murder in camps. 118.1-119.5

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination of Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich, Afternoon Session (119.6 to 203.26)

    Section 119.16 to 146.23

    Administrative details concerning Wolff document. 119.6-121.1

    Irving questions Longerich on Hitler’s rhetoric and speeches about “vernichtung” and “ausrotten.” 121.2-124.25

    Longerich defines Holocaust denier and explains dispute over when transition from deportation to extermination occurred. 124.26-131.12

    Irving questions Longerich on Hitler’s Chancellery and Hitler’s connection to gas vans. 131.13-138.6

    Gas vans and Soviet prisoners of war. 138.7-143.1

    Eichmann and Hoess conversation at Auschwitz. 143.2-146.23

    Section 146.24 to 165.9

    Longerich discusses development of historical knowledge of Final Solution. 146.24-149.20

    Systematic destruction of historical evidence by Nazis. 149.21-151.16

    Discussion of source of order for Final Solution and history of Belzec. 151.17-152.25

    Discussion of historical method and use of sources. 152.26-161.8

    Irving questions Longerich on number of victims from gas vans and chambers. 161.9-165.9

    Section 165.10 to 180.19

    Irving questions Longerich on Rosenberg press conference and meaning of “ausmerzung.” 165.10-168.15

    Irving questions Longerich on the Wannsee conference and meaning of “bei Freilassung.” 168.16-174.23

    Irving questions Longerich on Gotz Aly’s book, Final Solution. 174.24-178.11

    Wannsee conference and construction of killing installations. 178.12-180.19

    Section 180.20 to 203.26

    Discussion of timing of Final Solution. 180.20-184.10

    Irving questions Longerich on hypothetical use of gas installations during peacetime. 184.11-186.26

    Irving questions Longerich on Stuchart testimony. 187.1-189.11

    Irving questions Longerich on population, death, and deportation statistics. 189.12-194.26

    Discussion of French Jewish population and Schnell brief from Himmler. 195.1-200.24

    Administrative details. 200.25-203.26