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    Day 24: Wednesday, 23rd February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 7.5)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Rampton, Irving schedule and outline their closing speeches. 2.1-7.5

    Part II: Introduction of Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich (7.6 to 114.17)

    Section 7.6 to 25.6

    Longerich’s previous work and relationship with the archive at the Institute of History. 7.6-12.16

    Translation of diary of Walter Havel.12.17-16.5

    Access to archives and differences on the Wannsee conference. 16.6-21.20

    Lecture by Longerich at the German Historical Institute. 21.21-25.6

    Section 25.7 to 41.5

    On the proper translation of “vernichtung” and “ausrotten.” 25.7-30.1

    Irving’s evidence of alternate translations. 30.2-32.14

    Hitler’s use of the term “ausrotten.” 32.15-35.24

    Documents by “anti-Nazis” in 1936 using the term “vernichtung.” 35.25-37.1

    Hitler’s use of the term “ausrotten” in conference with Czech State president Hacha. 37.2-41.6

    Section 41.6 to 57.5

    “Ausrottung” in speech of Hitler’s. 41.6-48.16

    Use of “ausrottung” in German pamphlet on Hungary, 1941. 48.17-49.23

    Mistranslation in an American diplomatic despatch, 1944. 49.24-52.19

    Himmler, Feb 21st 1944, use of “ausrottung.” 52.20-55.8

    Military dictionary entry for “ausrotten.” 55.9-57.5

    Section 57.6 to 69.17

    Longerich’s glossary, euphemisms for murder used by Nazi’s. 57.6-59.23

    Speech by Himmler Oct 4th, 1943. 59.24-64.10

    Relationship between Himmler and Hitler. 64.11-66.16

    Discussion the scholarship of the Himmler diaries. 66.17-69.17

    Section 69.18 to 81.14

    Proscription of the word “liquidierung,” and use of Umsiedlung. 69.18-74.10

    On use of phrase “evacuation of Jews.” 74.11-77.2

    “Evacuation” of Jews to Riga and to the Lodz ghetto, and Chelmno. 77.3-81.14

    Section 81.15 to 97.17

    Translation of Vernichtung, use by von Klausewitz. 81.15-83.13

    Use of vernichtung in a speech by Hitler. 83.14-89.14

    Hitler’s use of “vernichtung” in speech, recorded in and Goebbels’s diary, Dec 12th 1941. 89.15-91.5

    Han Frank’s use of vernichtung in reference to Hitler’s speech on Dec 12th 1941. 91.6-97.17

    Section 97.19 to 114.17

    Hitler’s and Nazi leaders’ antisemitism. 97.19-100.2

    Jewish and partially Jewish members of Hitler’s staff, Irving’s concession of Hitler’s antisemitism, and its extent. 100.3-106.12

    Nazi plans for territorial solution to “the Jewish problem” to middle of 1941. 106.13-109.26

    Key points and time periods in Irving’s cross-examination of Longerich. 110.1-111.11

    Himmler’s plan recommending evacuation to Madagascar. 111.12-114.17

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination of Dr. Heinz Peter Longerich, continued, Afternoon Session (114.18 to 192.24)

    Section 114.18 to 132.14

    Whether the German attack on the Soviets was preventive.114.18-117.24

    Hitler’s instructions to the High Command Operations staff, March 3rd 1941. 117.25-120.8

    Nazi belief in the connection between Bolshevism and Judaism. 120.9-124.16

    Hitler and Himmler’s involvement in making war ideological and antisemitic. 124.17-128.17

    The Nazi objective of securing rear areas. 128.18-132.14

    Section 132.15 to 147.4

    Reliability of the decodes from the Ordnung Polizei. 132.15-135.13

    Decodes from Dec 1st, 1941. 135.14-139.22

    Break in the mass executions in Riga for a couple of months. 139.23-142.22

    Decoding of telegrams on the transportation of Jews to Riga and Kovno. 142.23-147.4

    Section 147.5 to 166.15

    July 16th conference between Hitler and Rosenburg. 147.5-149.13

    Aug 1st 1941 Muller document, on Hitler’s knowledge and ordering of the Einsatzgruppen. 149.14-152.6

    Irving’s previous concession of Hitler’s approval of the Einsatzgruppen. 152.7-156.5

    Muller document. 156.6-160.6

    Hitler approved of the Einsatzgruppen. 160.7-166.15

    Section 166.16 to 178.11

    Report from confidential press conference at Rosenberg Nov 1941. 166.16-168.11

    Himmler note Dec 18th 1941, translation of “Judenfrager als partisan and ausurotten.” 168.12-170.8

    Hitler Jan 30th 1942 saying the war must end with the “Jews disappearing from Europe.” 170.9-172.17

    April 1942 talk between Goebbels and Hitler of deporting Jews to Siberia or Central Africa. 172.18-175.20

    Irving’s claims of a memorandum by Wolf. 175.21-178.11

    Section 178.12 to 192.24

    Himmler to Gottlegberger, July 28th 1942. 178.12-182.2

    Himmler Oct 6th 1943, on Jewish women and children. 182.3-185.18

    Hitler’s order of the transportation of Jews. 185.19-186.21

    Irving’s shifting positions on Hitler’s knowledge. 186.02-192.24