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    Day 13: Tuesday, 1st February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 3.7)

    Transcription Details. 1.1-1.26

    Court proceedings. 2.1-3.7

    Part II: Professor Robert Jan van Pelt’s Cross-Examination by David Irving, continued (3.8-24.9)

    Irving examines van Pelt regarding archival document letterheads. 3.8-9.21

    Implications of letter markings and operation of crematoria. 9.21-15.26

    van Pelt discusses crematoria capacity claims of 1970s. 16.1-20.11

    Justice Gray and Mr. Rampton discuss court proceedings 20.11-24.9

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Mr. Rampton (24.10-109.7)

    Section 24.10-47.8

    Rampton examines Irving’s use of the Heydrich telex in his Goebbels book. 24.6-30.11

    Rampton and Irving discuss translation of “nun” vs “nunmehr” in Goebbels’s diary. 30.12-34.20

    Discussions of Hitler’s approval of Reichskristallnacht (“Night of Broken Glass”) via Goebbels’s diary. 34.21-40.11

    Irving explains Goebbels’s guilt and subsequent seeking of Hitler’s approval. 40.12-43.26

    “Goebbels’s diary is that of a liar.” 44.1-47.8

    Section 47.9-59.25

    Irving’s treatment of Goebbels’s meeting with Hitler after Reichskristallnacht. 47.9-51.25

    Justice Gray questions Irving’s skepticism towards Goebbels’s diary. 51.26-56.26

    Irving recounts eyewitness evidence from his key informants. 57.1-59.25

    Section 59.26-76.23

    Hitler’s involvement in Reichskristallnacht. 59.26-63.13

    Punishment in the aftermath of Reichskristallnacht. 63.14-68.2

    Irving’s treatment of this aftermath. 68.3-70.19

    German documents regarding Dresden bombing casualties. 70.20-76.23

    Section 76.24-91.2

    Introduction of Dresden documents. 76.24-81.6

    Reliability of death estimates. 81.7-85.26

    Irving’s treatment of Dresden estimates. 86.1-91.2

    Section 91.3-109.7

    Rampton challenges Irving’s changing opinion regarding reliability of Dresden documents. 91.3-98.12

    Irving’s published work of 1963 examined. 98.13-103.24

    Irving defends the distinction between the authenticity of the document vs authenticity of the figure. 103.25-109.7

    Part IV: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Mr. Rampton, continued, Afternoon Session (109.8-186.26)

    Section 109.7-124.20

    Irving’s Dresden source Dr. Funfack is doubted. 109.7-112.26

    Irving defends his decision to cite Dr. Funfack as a German leader at the time of Dresden. 113.1-119.7

    Irving and Rampton discuss the Red Cross visit to Dresden. 119.8-124.20

    Section 124.21-138.26

    Debate over Funfack’s relationship to the Red Cross visit to Dresden. 124.21-127.26

    Reliability of translation and police reports. 128.1-131.25

    Theo Muller as eyewitness authority on Dresden. 131.26-135.20

    Irving’s treatment of Dresden evidence. 135.21-138.26

    Section 139.1-161.6

    Theo Muller’s memory is questioned. 139.1-145.11

    Irving’s acquisition of new Dresden documents. 145.12-149.3

    Discussion of Irving’s reprint of the Italian edition and conversation with publisher. 149.4-153.3

    Irving and Rampton discuss the possibility of accurate death counts after Dresden bombing.153.4-16106

    Section 161.7-186.26

    Irving’s treatment of Dresden in “Hitler’s War.” 161.7-167.5

    Irving claims Dresden death toll was comparable to Auschwitz. 167.6-171.21

    Debating Irving’s sources. 171.22-178.13

    Rampton concludes cross-examination for the day. 178.14-186.26