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    Day 12: Monday, 31st January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings and introduction of Professor McDonald (1.1 to 10.17)

    Transcription Details 1.1 to 1.26

    Irving discusses housekeeping issues regarding prior testimony. 2.1 to 4.2

    An introduction to Professor Kevin McDonald and his work. 4.3 to 10.17

    Part II: Irving discusses his persecution and Rampton examines why certain groups find his allegations distasteful (10.18 to 80.16)

    Section 10.18 to 25.8

    McDonald discusses tactics of dismissal. 10.18 to 15.24

    Irving discusses his persecution by Jewish groups. 15.25 to 19.15

    Professor McDonald concludes his time on the stand. 19.16 to 25.8

    Section 25.9 to 55.26

    Irving accused of deliberate mistranslation. 25.9 to 32.23

    Rampton Hungary’s Jewish extermination. 32.24 to 35.22

    Rampton states Irving misrepresented certain statements. 35.23 to 45.3

    Rampton provides evidence related to translation errors. 45.4 to 50.7

    Irving responds to allegations he improperly edited statements. 50.8 to 55.26

    Section 56.1 to 80.16

    Irving remarks on Nazi anti-Semitism 56.1 to 60.21

    Irving is accused of mis-attributing reactions to Goring. 60.22 to 68.26

    Irving explain Hitler’s “prank” of stealing 14 billion Reichsmarks. 69.1 to 73.21

    Hitler’s word choice in directing public anger is explored. 73.22 to 80.16

    Part III: Irving and Rampton discuss the intricacies of the chain of command during the creation of a mob (80.17 to 143.4)

    Section 80.17 to 104.21

    Irving discusses Hitler’s response to the creation of a mob. 80.17 to 87.20

    Irving notes Hitler’s mood regarding the escalation to programs. 87.3 to 90.15

    Irving reads over the Muller telegram. 90.16 to 95.26

    Rampton notes the riot timeline regarding Goebbel and Hitler. 96.1 to 104.21

    Section 104.22 to 124.2

    A discussion regarding the chain of command occurs. 104.22 to 108.06

    A chronology of the chain of command is discussed. 108.7 to 113.26

    The Heydrich Telex is discussed. 114.1 to 118.26

    Irving and Rampton disagree over the chronology of what occurred the night of the riot. 119.2 to 124.2

    Section 124.3 to 143.4

    Irving and Rampton disagree over how encompassing a telex is. 124.3 to 129.23

    Rampton accuses Irving of using hearsay. 129.24 to 133.26

    Rampton and Irving discuss the economic ramifications of the riots. 134.1 to 143.4

    Part IV: A timeline for the future is created (143.5 to 154.14)

    Rampton and Gray discuss a timeline for the following days 143.5 to 149.26

    Rampton concludes and notes that Irving’s consistent errors lean in such as a way as to exonerate Hitler. 150.1 to 154.14