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    Day 14: Wednesday, 2nd February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Expert Witness Professor van Pelt (1.1 to 25.26)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Rampton re-examines van Pelt 2.1-7.20

    Hoess’s estimate of gassing at Auschwitz 7.21-10.22

    Irving cross-examines van Pelt 14.1-20.26

    Rampton re-examines van Pelt 21.1-25.26

    Part II: Rampton examines Irving on Almeyer notes and Muller letter (26.1-78.2)

    Section 26.1-54.26

    Irving examined by Rampton, organization of documents 26.1-30.11

    Letter from Irving to Max Weber about Almeyer’s notes 30.12-34.25

    Irving’s knowledge of Almeyer notes 34.26-39.17

    Almeyer’s descriptions of the gassings 39.18-42.25

    Whether Almeyer’s description is flawed 42.26-46.8

    Letter from Irving to Karl Philip on Almeyer’s testimony at Nuremberg 46.9-51.26

    Irving’s relationship to Philip 52.1-54.26

    Section 55.1-78.2

    Irving’s denial of having ever seen the letter from Muller 55.1-61.6

    Rampton claims Irving knew of the letter from Muller 61.7- 68.13

    Irving denies having read Eugene Koegon’s book 68.14-73.20

    Irving denies having read Gertz Bergander’s book about Dresden 73.21-78.2

    Part III: Irving’s racism (78.3-175.26)

    Section 78.3-96.8

    Organization of documents and quotations cut from context 78.3-84.1

    Anti-semitic quote by Irving regarding the rise of anti-semitism 84.2-86.7

    Quote from Irving’s interview with Errol Morris 86.8-92.21

    Rampton on Irving’s overall thesis from these quotes 92.22-96.8

    Section 96.9-116.10

    Racist quote from Irving’s dairy, Sept 17th, 1994 96.9-100.18

    Racist quote from Irving’s dairy, Nov 10th, 1987 100.19-105.7

    Racist quotes from Irving’s speech at Clarendon Club 105.8-113.11

    Video of Irving’s speech in Tampa FL, Oct 6th, 1995 113.12-116.10

    Section 116.11-142.2

    Irving on the National Alliance and Tampa speech 116.11-119.26

    Irving’s involvement with the National Alliance 120.1-127.4

    Irving’s anti-Semitic joke when at the National Alliance in Tampa 127.5-132.16

    Second anti-Semitic joke by Irving during this speech 132.17-135.20

    135.21-142.2 Irving’s views and jokes about the Holocaust during this speech

    Section 142.3-157.22

    Irving’s response to protestors 142.3-146.20

    Irving’s article where he admits of Zyklon gas chamber victims 146.21-153.19

    Irving’s comments on trial of Demjanjuk 153.20-157.22

    Section 157.23-175.26

    Irving’s reference to Dr Weiss in his book on Goebbels 157.23-162.11

    Irving’s comments on the face of Simon Wiesenthal 162.12-164.16

    Irving on the international Jewish conspiracy, and mocking of Jewish last names 164.17-171.9

    Rampton’s summation of Irving’s mocking of Jewish faces and names 171.10-175.26