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    Day 15: Thursday, 3rd February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 4.9)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Scheduling. 2.1-4.9

    Part II: David Irving Cross-examined by Richard Rampton, continued (4.10-38.19)

    Section 4.10 to 18.1

    Particular details of the documents from day. 4.10-6.24

    Irving knowledge of the National Alliance at his speech in Tampa Oct 1995. 6.25-9.18

    Irving on racism, cricket, Robert the Bruce, and patriotism, from Bow 1993. 9.19-13.5

    Irving continues on racism and cricket. 13.6-18.1

    Section 18.2-38.14

    Irving’s speech at the Clarendon Club. 18.2-26.8

    Irving’s racist comments on immigration and immigration officers. 26.9-31.17

    Informing Irving of certain documents sent to Justice Gray that he was not examined on. 31.18-35.13

    Logistics and rescheduling the cross-examination for this documentation. 35.14-38.19

    Part III: Peter Millar (38.20-59.11)

    Section 38.20-49.9

    Introduction of witness Peter Millar, examination of Millar by Irving regarding condition of Russian archive. 38.20-41.2

    Irving questions Millar on Irving’s dealing with Sunday Times, quality of Irving’s translations, and Irving’s collection of art made by Hitler. 41.3-43.11

    Millar’s and Irving’s dealings with the Russian Archive. 43.12-49.9

    Section 49.10-59.11

    Cross-examination of Peter Millar by Rampton, regarding Irving sneaking glass plates of Goebbels’s diary out of the Russian Archives. 49.10-52.2

    Rampton questions Millar on need to explain authenticity of glass plates, permission to remove glass plates. 52.3-56.18

    Re-examination of Millar by Irving, on their use of the glass plates, witness Millar stands down. 56.19-59.11

    Part IV: David Irving Cross-examined by Richard Rampton, continued (59.12-88.21)

    Section 59.12 to 75.25

    Irving recalled, questioned by Rampton about dealings in the Russian archives. 59.12-63.26

    Irving’s attempt to buy the glass plates from the archive. 63.1-65.11

    Irving’s dealings with the Sunday Times about the plates. 65.12-68.19

    Details of Irving illicit removal of glass plates. 68.20-71.10

    Return of plates and their contents, and the legality of that. 71.11-75.25

    Section 75.26 to 88.21

    Possibility of damage to the glass plates during travel. 75.26-78.5

    Irving’s speech at meeting with Zundel, regarding the glass plates. 78.6-82.9

    Irving returns the plates the Russian archive. 82.10-88.21

    Part V: Closing Proceedings (88.22-93.5)

    Section 88.22 to 93.5

    Scheduling of upcoming witnesses, and decision to cut the day short. 88.22-93.5