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    Day 5: Tuesday, 18th January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 17.18)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Scale of mass shootings 2.1-5.2

    Weidenfeld translation of Hitler’s table talk 5.3-10.11

    Relevance of Irving’s denial of gas chambers at Auschwitz 10.12-17.18

    Part II: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, continued (17.19 to 99.10)

    Section 17.19 to 33.9

    Irving’s translation of the table talk, Oct, 25, 1942 17.19-23.16

    Goebbels’ article in Das Reich 23.17-28.2

    Goebbels’ diary 28.3-33.9

    Section 33.10 to 47.8

    Mistranslations of Hitler’s words to Goebbels 33.10-38.14

    Sanitization of table talks’ language 38.15-43.26

    Professor Evans report 44.1-47.8

    Section 47.9-62.20

    Gebhardt Engel interviews 47.9-52.12

    Goebbels’ diary 52.13-57.12

    Private conversations between Hitler and Goebbels 57.13-62.20

    Section 62.21-78.1

    The Madagascar plan as euphemism 62.21-67.3

    Liberating the occupied Eastern territories of Jews 67.4-72.26

    Irving’s denial of the existence of gas chambers 72.27-78.10

    Section 78.11-99.10

    Globus, the ‘Czar of Lublin’ and auswanderung 78.11-83.17

    The Korheir report 83.18-89.2

    Jews transported from Lublin and Warsaw to the Russian border 89.3-93.16

    Leuchter Report and Reinhardt camps: Belsec, Sobibor, Treblinka 93.17-99.10

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, continued, Afternoon Session (99.11 to 187.3)

    Section 99.11-126.4

    Quantity of German wartime documents and ‘orphan documents’ 99.10-104.23

    SSonderbehandlung 104.23-109.1

    The Jews of Warthegau, Chelmno. 109.9-115.19

    Auschwitz archives destroyed at Russian capture 115.20-120.22

    Operation Reinhard. 120.23-126.4

    Section 126.5-141.18

    Operation Rienhard and the Bruns Report. 126.5-130.24

    The killing of Jews as systematic or ‘random and haphazard’ 130.25-136.6

    Bbuilding remains at ‘Reinhard Camps’ 136.7-141.18

    Section 141.19-147.4

    Auschwitz and its evolution 141.9-147.4

    The General government 147.5-154.1

    Document security classifications 154.2-157.24

    Section 157.25-172.23

    Letter from Ganzmuller to Wolff 157.25-163.14

    The logistical problems of corpse disposal 163.15-169.10

    Irving’s claim that gas chambers were British propaganda 169.11-172.23

    Section 172.24-187.26

    Riegner’s telegram to World Jewish Congress leaders 172.24-177.26

    Authenticity of the source of information in Riegner’s telegram 178.1-183.26

    Gassings in the Warthegau 184.1-187.26