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    Day 6: Wednesday, 19th January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 2.23)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Request for documents. 2.1-2.23

    Part II: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, continued (2.24 to 110.12)

    Section 2.24-16.22

    Discussion of Professor Browning’s report on Rademacher. 2.24-7.2

    Paul Wurm letter to Rademacher and the term ‘Ungeziefer’ as vermin. 7.3-9.25

    Hitler’s connection to methods used in so-called euthanasia program. 9.26-16.22

    Section 16.23-37.26

    Methods of killing, and specific terms ‘vergasungappatate’ and ‘Unterkumfte’ 16.23-26.26

    Implementation of that policy and question of shootings versus gassing. 27.1-30.2

    Discussions of Brack, Himmler, and translations versus primary source material for evidence. 30.3-37.26

    Section 38.1 to 52.1

    Irving admits use of gas trucks, denies their order by Hitler. 38.1-41.20

    Rampton argues Irving intentionally misrepresents limited use of trucks. 41.21-44.23

    Irving claims at Liechter conference on trucks’ limited use. 44.25-48.1

    Accounts from Chelmno of 97,000 killed, Irving admits this was not limited but “systematic.” 48.2-52.1

    Section 52.2 to 71.25

    Letter from Turner to Wolf about camp outside Belgrade. 52.2-58.2

    Irving admits wrong to limited scale of use of gas trucks. 58.3-59.22

    Hitler’s knowledge of these operations by Himmler. 59.23-64.12

    Irving’s denial of gas chambers in his book. 64.13-67.14

    Irving’s claims of “limited scope” at IHR. 67.15-71.25

    Section 71.26 to 84.3

    Irving’s own knowledge at time of claims, Greiser letter, Turner letter. 71.26-76.6

    Irving’s claims on Hitler’s involvement as per Greiser letter. 76.7-80.17

    Irving’s claims as doubt or denial of gas vans at Treblinka and Sobibor, and extermination facilities at Reinhard camp. 80.18-84.3

    Section 84.4 to 100.21

    Dates on Auschwitz killings. 84.4-86.2

    Himmler’s speeches, where “evacuation” and “extermination” are used as synonyms. 86.3-94.6

    Himmler’s speech where he stated “I decided” with regard to the extermination, and whether and when Hitler knew. 94.7-100.21

    Section 100.22-110.12

    Himmler’s speech where he claims he was given a military order to exterminate the Jewish people. 100.22-103.26

    Irving claims document was tampered with. 104.1-110.12

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, continued, Afternoon Session (110.13-195.26)

    Section 110.13-121.23

    Discussion of the possible significance of tampering with Himmler’s speech. 104.1-118.15

    Court cannot find Irving’s discussion of this letter in the different editions of his book. 118.16-121.23

    Section 121.24-134.7

    Whether evidence of Sonthofen speech is drafts or transcripts. 121.24-125.15

    Himmler as working under Hitler’s orders according to Sonthofen speech on May 24th. 125.16-131.6

    Letter by Himmler at Berger from July 28th. 131.7-134.7

    Section 134.8-154.6

    Irving’s representation of Hitler ordering Himmler as found in Irving’s book. 134.8-139.11

    Discussion of the term ‘explosion,’ Irving’s representation of two speeches by Himmler. Irving’s general position as a historian and Rampton’s claim of deliberate misrepresentation. 139.12-144.12

    Irving’s representation of Hitler’s speech, Wehrmacht May 26th. 144.13-148.15

    Tying together Hitler’s May 26th speech and Himmler’s speeches on May 5th and 24th, Irving’s translations of “entfernte” and “ausseidlung”. 148.16-154.6

    Section 154.7-176.25

    Irving’s knowledge of the defunct paraphernalia of death at Auschwitz, the Schlegeberger note. 154.7-158.26

    StS Freisler document and when Irving attained it. 159.1-163.21

    Tense, perfect or pluperfect, of statements made in the Schlegelberger note and when it was composed. 163.22-169.5

    Professor Evans’ statement that Schlegelberger note is about what he calls half-Jews.169.6-172.10

    Schlegelberger’s note to Lammas. 172.11-176.25

    Section 176.26-195.23

    Whether Schlegelberger note was written after Final Solution was already underway, its reception by other historians. 176.26-183.11

    Theory that Schlegelberger note refers only to “mischlinge”, Irving’s representation of that theory in his book and lectures. 183.12-193.15

    Final note on Auschwitz. 193.15-195.23