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    Day 7: Thursday, 20th January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 22.26)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Irving discusses his use of the Schlegelberger note regarding half-Jews. 2.1-11.3

    Richard Rampton questions Irving’s interpretation. 11.4-16.5

    Irving rebuttal and discussion. 16.6-22.26

    Part II: Professor Cameron Watt Examined by Mr. Irving (23.1 to 54.18)

    Section 23.1 to 40.8

    Introduction of Prof. Cameron Watt and his academic background. 23.1-28.24

    Irving and Prof. Watt discuss reliability of German war records. 28.25-33.12

    Discussion of security classification and the use of secondary sources. 33.13-40.8

    Section 40.9 to 54.18

    Watt’s appraisal of Irving as historian. 40.9-44.5

    Debating character of Hitler and Himmler. 44.6-51.11

    Regarding Watt’s review of Irving’s work. 51.12-54.18

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, Morning Session (54.19-106.18)

    Section 54.19 to 71.8

    Intro of Longerich document regarding Jews in France. 54.19-59.21

    Debate over translation of “abschaffen.” 59.22-69.8

    Where were French Jews taken? 69.9-71.8

    Section 71.9 to 82.6

    Presentation of Himmler’s note. 71.9-73.22

    Renewed discussion of translating “abschaffen.” 73.23-77.4

    Rampton accuses Irving of purposely obfuscating translation in revised 1991 edition of “Hitler’s War.” 77.5-82.6

    Section 82.7 to 96.23

    Irving argues the Defendants are trying to add “negligence” to their original charge of “deceit.” 82.7-84.22

    Irving and Justice Gray discuss expectations of historical research. 84.23-90.17

    Irving differentiates between his expertise in Nazi officials and others’ expertise in the Holocaust. 90.18-96.23

    Section 96.23 to 106.18

    Rampton introduces Irving’s role as witness in Zundel trial of 1988 and points to Leuchter Report as the foundation of his denial. 96.23-102.11

    Irving rebuttal. 102.12-106.18

    Part IV: David Irving’s Cross-Examination by Richard Rampton, continued, Afternoon Session (106.19-199.26)

    Section 106.19 to 116.23

    Discussion of Irving’s role as expert witness. 106.19-111.13

    Rampton inquires as to Irving’s sudden change of opinion. 111.14-116.23

    Section 116.23 to 137.1

    Chemical analysis vs historical analysis. 116.23-120.10

    Rampton challenges Irving’s interpretation of the Leuchter report. 120.11-125.25

    Irving banned from Auschwitz. 125.26-132.3

    Discussion of Irving’s publicity after releasing book. 132.4-137.1

    Section 137.2 to 164.11

    Rampton introduces Irving’s private Canadian speech. 137.2-142.20

    Irving and Rampton argue about court procedures. 142.21- 152.20

    Irving defends his statements in relation to availability of archives in 1988. 152.21-157.9

    Irving reiterates his ban from visiting Auschwitz. 157.10-164.11

    Section 164.12 to 185.22

    Debates about Irving’s Holocaust denial at various speaking engagements. 164.12-169.23

    Irving and Rampton alternately discuss Dresden, Elie Wiesel, Birkenhau, English grammar and syntax. 169.23-177.21

    Was the Holocaust a lie to protect crooked Jewish financiers? 177.22-185.22

    Section 185.23 to 199.26

    Irving addresses “spurious survivors” after the release of Russian Auschwitz records. 185.23-189.23

    Rampton characterizes Irving’s comments and listening audience as anti-semitic. 189.24-195.25

    Rampton presents more evidence for Irving’s denial. Court adjourned. 195.25-199.26