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    Day 4: Monday, 17th January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 26.4)

    Section 1.1 to 16.23

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Scheduling issues regarding Auschwitz material 2.1-8.25

    Irving’s concerns about trial procedure 8.26-14.25

    Discussion regarding scheduling of witnesses 14.26-16.23

    Section 16.25 to 26.4

    Irving’s question on documentation of witnesses credibility 16.24-19.18

    Irving’s use of the Goebbels diaries 19.19-26.4

    Part II: Rampton Continues Cross-Examination of Irving [Morning Session] (26.5 to 109.15)

    Section 26.5 to 55.2

    Irving’s transcription of Goebbels diaries in Moscow 26.5-31.14

    Why Irving did not read further on the Goebbels diaries 31.15-34.21

    Irving’s criticism of Longerich’s judgement that Goebbels’s diary reported Hitler’s direct speech 34.22-41.21

    Irving’s interpretation of provisions on Kovno train 41.22-55.2

    Section 55.3 to 78.21

    Discussion of pages from the Jaeger Report 55.3-61.26

    Irving’s argument that killings were actions of local SS without approval from Berlin 62.1-65.18

    Evidence of systematic reporting of executions to Berlin 65.19-69.26

    Irving concedes occurrence of systematic executions, but denies Hitler’s approval 70.1-78.21

    Section 78.22 to 109.15

    Discussion of what conclusions should be drawn from the reports of executions 78.22-83.19

    Irving concedes that Heydrich in Berlin authorized mass executions in the East 83.20-88.14

    Discussion of whether Rampton can ask questions about documents Irving did not know of when writing his book 88.15-89.18

    Document written by Himmler indicating Hitler authorized killing of Jews as “partisans” 89.18-94.26

    Hitler’s knowledge of reports regarding execution of Jews in the East 95.1-99.3

    Rampton challenges Irving on his prior statements of Hitler’s ignorance in light of the documents discussed 99.4-109.15

    Part III: Rampton Continues Cross-Examination of Irving [Afternoon Session] (109.16 to 206.23)

    Section 109.16 to 131.1

    Questions regarding a 1992 fax 109.16-111.10

    Irving discusses past assertions of My Lai-style massacres 111.11-116.11

    Irving on role of historian in determining narrative 116.12-121.26

    Handwritten Himmler notes from microfilm and Irving’s interpretation of handwriting 122.26-131.1

    Section 131.2 to 151.13

    Irving reads from Hitler’s War 131.2-136.8

    Goebbels and Hitler’s lack of communication and debate regarding translations 136.9-142.26

    Irving defends omission of evidence portraying Hitler in a bad light 142.27-151.13

    Section 151.14-169.19

    Irving remarks on lack of evidence oh Hitler’s direct awareness of Jewish extermination 151.14-157.126

    Irving discusses the way Hitler received messages from his staff 157.13-162.25

    Rampton asks Irving to explain omission of evidence and his implicit exoneration of Hitler 162.26-169.19

    Section 169.20 to 206.23

    Irving’s use of the Hugh Trevor-Roper translation of Hitler’s table talk 169.20-175.19

    Debate over translation issues and their consequences 175.20-181.7

    Translation issues and Hitler’s tone 181.8-192.7

    Irving claims Hitler distinguished between “Eastern vermin” and the superior Europeans, including Jews 192.8-197.13

    Irving justifies Hitler’s reference to “destruction” as typical German Parliament rhetoric 197.14-206.23

    Part IV: Discussion of Next Day and and Adjournment (206.24 to 207.26)