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    Day 19: Monday, 14th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 4.6)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Initial housekeeping. 2.1-4.6

    Part II: Professor Evans Cross-Examined by Irving (4.7 to 113.22)

    Section 4.7 to 20.16

    Evans’s definition of Holocaust denial. 4.7-10.9

    Holocaust memorial plaques with varying figures 10.10-13.16

    Evans supports Lipstadt’s refusal to debate Holocaust deniers. 13.17-15.10

    Politicization of the Holocaust and Holocaust denial. 15.11-20.16

    Section 20.17 to 32.15

    Evans questioned regarding evidence or lack thereof for connections between Irving and anti-Semites 20.17-23.17

    Irving’s overall use of Hitler’s former aides as sources 23.18-32.15

    Section 32.16 to 62.16

    Brief discussion of the Hitler diaries. 32.16-34.5

    Professor Jackeln’s reliability. 34.6-40.15

    Evans’s claim that Irving’s documentation is intentionally opaque. 40.16-46.22

    Selective quotation. 46.23-62.16

    Section 62.17 to 96.18

    Irving’s belief in an international Jewish conspiracy against him. 62.17-71.4

    Irving’s reputation in universities. 71.5-74.5

    Irving’s reputation among historians. 74.6-96.18

    Section 96.19 to 113.22

    The dropping of Irving’s books by major publishing houses. 96.19-100.23

    Evans on Irving as a Holocaust Denier. 100.24-107.6

    On defining the concept of the Holocaust. 107.7-113.22

    Part III: Evans Cross-Examined by Irving, afternoon session (113.23 to 217.26)

    Section 113.23 to 126.9

    References to the Holocaust in the indexes to Irving’s books. 113.24-117.22

    Changes between editions of Hitler’s War. 117.23-126.9

    Section 126.10 to 160.11

    Irving’s stance toward the Holocaust in his Goring book. 126.10-131.13

    Whether or not Irving claimed to be a Holocaust expert. 131.14-135.3

    Connection between disputing numbers and Holocaust denial. 135.4-140.5

    Lack of photographs of Jewish victims in Irving’s books. 140.6-150.16

    The question of equivalence between Allied and Nazi killings during the war. 150.17-160.11

    Section 160.12 to 184.14

    Number of deaths in Hamburg bombing. 160.12-165.25

    Number of deaths at Auschwitz 165.26-176.15

    Irving’s claim that some of those allegedly killed in the Holocaust were secretly relocated to Palestine. 176.16-184.14

    Section 184.15 to 217.26

    Irving’s connection to Paul Rassinier. 184.15-189.1

    Irving’s claims about the scale of the Holocaust. 189.2-206.5

    The Allies’ and Nazi’s respective roles in creating conditions conducive to epidemics. 206.6-215.11

    Procedural matters. 215.12-217.26