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    Day 18: Thursday, 10th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 18.24)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Administrative discussion of Hans Frank Nuremberg trial remarks. 2.1-4.17

    Administrative issues regarding Irving’s questions to Professor Evans. 4.18-6.13

    Administrative issues relating to the handling of documentation. 6.14-9.5

    Discussion of the Kinna document and related handwritten notes. 9.6-14.24

    Irving’s submission regarding the authenticity of the Muller document and the German Federal Archives. 14.25-18.24

    Part II: Introduction of Professor Richard John Evans (18.25 to 110.4)

    Section 18.25 to 41.7

    Rampton briefly examines Evans. 18.25-19.17

    Irving asks after Evans’s political leanings and academic/literary work. 19.18-23.17

    Irving questions Evans on the theory of translation. 23.18-27.18

    Discussion of how to evaluate historians. 27.19-34.15

    Irving questions Evans on his opinion of “Hitler’s War” and Irving’s scholarship. 34.16-41.7

    Section 41.8 to 54.26

    Evans’s use of Irving’s diaries. 41.8-42.23

    The purpose and veracity of Irving’s diaries. 42.24-49.10

    Discussion of the racist “ditty” Evans discovered in Irving’s diaries and whether or not it is representative. 49.11-54.26

    Section 55.1 to 86.6

    Irving’s racism and photos of his racially diverse staff. 55.1-58.13

    Irving questions Evans on the Defence’s strategy and report of Eatwell. 58.14-64.23

    Irving’s possession of a portrait of Hitler. 64.24-66.8

    Definitions of antisemitism and Irving’s views. 66.9-72.3

    Discussion of The Penguin Group and a book called “Fascism for Beginners” and portrayal of Irving. 72.4-77.14

    Professor Levin’s report on Irving’s diaries. 77.15-86.6

    Section 86.7 to 110.4

    Questions about archive authenticity and Irving’s privileged access to certain individuals. 86.7-93.17

    Irving questions Evans about various other people mentioned or omitted from his report. 93.18-99.11

    Antisemitism in Irving’s diaries. 99.12-104.7

    Bibliography of Holocaust denial compiled by John Drobniski and administrative discussion. 104.8-110.4

    Part III: David Irving’s Cross-Examination of Professor Richard John Evans, continued, Afternoon Session (110.5 to 181.26)

    Section 110.5 to 144.5

    Irving questions the methodology of Evans’s report and asks specific questions about his conclusions 110.5-124.22

    Irving questions Evans on various reviews of Irving’s books. 124.23-131.21

    Discussion of writing history “by consensus,” free speech, and the generality and basis for Evans’s conclusion that Irving is a poor historian. 131.22-144.5

    Section 144.6 to 181.26

    Irving’s discovery of new documents, other historians’ use of archives. 144.6-155.3

    Questions regarding Irving’s willful misinterpretation/obfuscation of documents 155.4-161.13

    Evans’s comments about various Hitler biographies, transcripts from the Nuremberg trials, and Irving’s use of primary sources. 161.14-172.9

    Reliability of evidence provided in a tribunal 172.10-175.18

    Administrative issues. 175.19-181.26