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    Day 10: Wednesday, 26th January 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 4.1)

    Trial Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Irving’s concern for the representation of the trail in the daily media. 1.27-4.1

    Part II: Professor van Pelt Cross-Examined by Irving on Auschwitz (4.2 to 110.2)

    Section 4.2 to 15.16

    Prof. van Pelt’s cross-examination continued. On crematorium No. (ii) at Auschwitz. 4.2-8.20

    Irving doubts photographs are of chimneys. 8.21-13.24

    van Pelt presents blueprints of Auschwitz with chimneys. 13.25-15.16

    Section 15.17 to 37.11

    Irving’s photographs, interpretations of the holes in roof of gassing chamber. 15.17-24.8

    van Pelt presents air photo of Auschwitz from 1944 indicating chimneys. 24.9-29.22

    Irving suggests forgery of photographs. 29.23-37.11

    Section 37.12 to 53.26

    Drawings by eyewitness Olaire. About the drawings and Olaire. 37.12-42.9

    Olaire’s drawing No.1 shows chimneys. 42.10-46.13

    Olaire’s drawing No. 7 showing collection of hair and gold teeth. 46.14-50.22

    Olaire’s drawing No. 5 showing crematorium compared to photo from Hungarian action from 1944. 50.23-53.26

    Section 53.27 to 70.2

    Order of questioning, Pravda account, lazarettes that were found. 53.27-60.21

    Report by eyewitness Dr. Ada Bimko. 60.22-66.17

    List of witnesses van Pelt relies on for arguing for the extermination by gas. 66.18-70.02

    Section 70.03 to 96.12

    On the report by eyewitness Mr. Tauber. 70.3-76.8

    Passages by Tauber from van Pelt’s report. 76.9-83.4

    Tauber’s reliability as a witness. 83.5-87.26

    Eyewitness Pery Broad. 88.1-92.4

    Eyewitness Hans Stark and the translation of “airtight.” 92.5-96.12

    Section 96.13-110.2

    Messages for truck deliveries of Zyklon-B cyanide. 96.13-98.26

    Message of a truck delivery of “field ovens” and Irving’s mistranslation as “field kitchen.” 99.1-103.10

    Cause of death of people in mass graves who were later cremated. 103.11-106.5

    Back to the truck deliveries of 5 tonnes of Zyklon-B. 106.6-110.2

    Part III: Professor van Pelt Cross-Examined by Irving on Auschwitz, afternoon session (110.3 to 215.21)

    Section 110.3 to 128.8

    Testimony of Mulka, who assigned the driving permits for these truck deliveries. 110.4-114.2

    Methods for delousing such as fumigating. The translation of “normal.” 114.3-119.26

    Invoices for deliveries of Zyklon-B. 120.1-125.21

    On eyewitness Kurt Gerstein to whom the invoices were addressed. 125.22-128.8

    Section 128.9 to 145.22

    Van Pelt calculates the amount of Zyklon left at Auschwitz after delousing. 128.9-135.4

    Eyewitness Zipitehau on frequency of delousing. 135.05-136.14

    Testimony of Bruno Tesch on distribution of Zyklon B. 136.15-139.13

    Auschwitz as historically a disinfestation centre. 139.14-142.8

    Van Pelt’s calculations of amount of Zyklon B used for delousing as compared to Tesch’s. 142.9-145.22

    Section 145.23 to 159.11

    Van Pelt’s representation of the evidence from his architectural drawings. 145.23-150.3

    Discussion of whether there should be a close examination of the architectural drawings, and to what purpose. 150.4-153.8

    Van Pelt’s suggestion of “prewarming” of the mortuary and Irving’s stance on the gas chamber. 153.9-156.7

    Claim for “prewarming” according to blueprints to be explained the following day. 156.8-159.11

    Section 159.12 to 173.4

    Letter to the Topf company on using the heat from the ventilators and chimneys for prewarming. 159.12-162.5

    Irving challenges prewarming if room was filled with human beings. 162.6-163.11

    Reasons for underground chambers at Auschwitz. 163.11-165.9

    Question of Auschwitz as built up to standard German building code. 165.10-168.12

    Whether standard building code for prewarming was the case for Auschwitz. 168.13-173.4

    Section 173.5 to 189.16

    Codes for air raid shelters. 173.5-176.21

    Size of elevator which transports corpses from gas chamber to furnaces. 176.22-180.16

    Carrying capacity of the elevator. 183.18-186.4

    Amount of time for one round trip of the elevator and calculation of total time of the process. 186.5-189.16

    Section 189.17 to 215.21

    Irving suggests exaggeration of guides by van Pelt’s colleague Deborah Dwork. 189.17-193.4

    Irving’s letter to van Pelt about the interrogations of Hirst. 193.5-198.3

    On whether Irving concealed the Altemeyer report. 198.4-204.08

    Evidence of Kasmir Smolen, movement of prisoners to and from Auschwitz. 204.9-207.17

    Current visitations at Auschwitz, claim there of a gas chamber, whether the buildings there are “fake.” 207.18-215.21