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    Scholars may use the trial materials and their TEI files on this site to create visualizations of the trial data to continue the Holocaust Denial on Trial project’s goal of educating the public. Using the materials on this site, scholars can use tools such as Timeline.js to create multimedia timelines of the trial or the events of the Holocaust. The text of the trial and the TEI files can be used to create a number of data visualizations, such as word frequency clouds through Voyant, to illuminate trends and themes within the trial.

    If you use the trial materials from this site for your own data visualizations, link back to us and cite the Holocaust Denial on Trial project.

    Holocaust Timeline

    Shows a systematic and detailed timeline of the Holocaust from the rise of the Nazi party in German politics in 1933 to the Polish parliament’s vote, in 1997 to return Jewish communal property that was nationalized at the end of World War II.

    Created using Timeline.js.

    Word Frequencies in Day one of the Trial

    An illustration of word frequencies in day one of the trial. You can send trial materials straight from HDOT.org to Voyant by clicking the Send to Voyant button on any of the Trial Material pages.