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    Day 21: Wednesday, 16th February 2000

    150 150 Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Initial Proceedings (1.1 to 1.26)

    Transcription Details 1.1-1.26

    Part II: Irving Cross-Examines Professor Richard John Evans (2.1-114.17)

    Section 2.1 to 17.10

    Evans on Irving and other historians’ positions on Hitler 2.1-7.10

    Evans’s use of opinion of Irving’s research 7.11-14.10

    Evans’s knowledge of Germany and use of sources 14.11-17.10

    Section 17.11 to 42.10

    Documents by Bruckner, Hitler’s chief person adjutant during Kristallnacht 17.11-22.7

    Whether Evans’s criticism of Irving is legitimate given that he did not find the Bruckner file 22.8-30.7″

    Report by Julius Schaub, aid of Hitler, on Hitler’s reaction to Kristallnacht 30.7-37.25

    Other evidence for Hitler accepting the plan for Kristallnacht 37.26-42.1

    Section 42.11-60.21

    Irving’s questioning of Colonel Nicholas von Below and his account of Hitler’s reaction to Kristallnacht 42.11-51.9

    Whether Hitler was taken advantage of by his staff and dating Irving’s correspondence with von Below 51.10-54.2

    Evans’s access to Irving’s correspondence with Hitler’s private staff 54.2-58.15

    Reliability of witnesses to Hitler’s first reaction to Kristallnacht and number killed 58.15-60.21

    Section 60.22-82.19

    Other nationwide programs against Jews in Germany 60.22-63.9

    Whether Irving suppressed evidence from Goebbels’s diary and Goebbels’s use of the term “glauben” 63.10-70.15

    Failure of Irving’s cross-examination 70.15-64.2

    Irving’s claims on number arrested on Kristallnacht and Hitler’s involvement 64.3-78.25

    Diary of SA commander Lutze 78.26-82.19

    Section 82.20-102.14

    Telegram from Eberstein, police chief in Munich, regarding Kristallnacht 82.20-85.22

    Message by Opdenhof on ordering stop of arson of shops and “oder der Gleichen” 85.23-94.3

    Whether Hitler gave the order in this message and whether that fact has been suppressed by historians 94.4-102.14

    Section 102.15-114.17

    Evidence Hitler initiated Kristallnacht according to speech by Goebbels 102.15-108.6

    Translation of the final paragraph of speech on whether the order was Hitler’s or was only perceived as according to Hitler’s wishes 108.6-114.17

    Part III: Irving Cross-Examines Professor Richard John Evans (114.18-201.25)

    Section 114.18-143.20

    Witness scheduling 114.18-122.1

    Hederich on if Goebbels contradicted Hitler 122.2-125.3

    Credibility of reports that Goebbels tried to stymie Kristallnacht 125.4-132.3

    Timing of Goebbels and Hitler order to stop Kristallnacht 132.4-143.20

    Section 143.21-163.25

    Diary of Ulrich von Hassell, Hess’s futile appeal to Hitler to cease Kristallnacht 143.21-150.1

    Goebbels diary and Hitler’s involvement in Kristallnacht 150.1-157.15

    Goebbels and Goring’s relationship as of Nov. 12th 1938 157.16-163.25

    Section 163.26-180.12

    Irving’s evidence that Hitler intervened on behalf of Jewish population 163.26-169.9

    Copies of von Below’s unpublished memoirs, extracted by Irving 169.10-171.3

    Transcript of reception of Chvalkovsky 171.4-175.9

    Continued documentation by Irving of Hitler’s supposed “pro-Semitic” quotes and policies 175.10-180.12

    Section 180.13-201.25

    Evans’s criticism of Irving’s historiography and his transcription of telephone conversation from Himmler to Heydrich on Nov. 30, 1941 180.13-186.7

    Telephone conversation between Himmler and Heydrick on Dec. 1, 1941 186.8-191.16

    Coded messages from Himmler and staff to SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jeckelm 191.17-195.4

    Brown file, Nuremberg document from Nov. 15, 1941 which lacked a directive to kill the Jewish population in transport 195.5-198.25

    Goring’s constituent assembly, July 1942, regarding Hitler’s exception to the persecution of a particular Jewish scientist 198.26-201.25