[The Van Pelt Report]: Electronic Edition, by Robert Jan van Pelt

Table of Contents
<< 3. Material Instructions

4. Relevant documentation in the action

I have been given access to the following documents which have come into the Defendants 'possession in the course of this litigation or have been created for the purposes of this litigation:  
  • (a) The pleadings:
    • (i) the Statement of Claim served on 5 September 1996;
    • (ii) the Defences of the First and Second Defendants served on the 12 February and 18 April 1997 respectively;
    • (iii) the Reply to both Defences served on the 19 April 1997.
  • (b) Documents disclosed by the Plaintiff pursuant to his discovery obligations: various documents from the Plaintiff's various Lists of Documents as referred to in the footnotes to this report.


20. Letter Kevin Bays of Davenport Lyons to Robert Jan van Pelt, August 21, 1998.
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