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David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.7(a) Money, attention seeking etc.

[1.7/A] After the loss of his contract with the Sunday Times to serialise the Goebbels diaries he described a demonstration against him involving] 'The whole rabble, all the scum of humanity stand outside. The homosexuals, the gypsies, the lesbians, the Jews, the criminals, the communists, the left-wing extremists, the whole commune stands there and has to be held back behind steel barricades for two days.' ['Der ganze Pöbel, der ganze Abschaum der Menschheit steht draußen. Die Homosexuellen, die Zigeuner, die Lesben, die Juden, die Verbrecher, die Kommunisten, die Linksradikalen, die Chaoten, die ganze Kommune steht da und mußte hinter Stahlbarrikaden zurückgehalten werden zwei Tage lang.'] [Videocassette 210, 'David Irving: "Ich komme wieder", ca. 1994', 26m 56s-26m 81s.]
[1.7/B]'I was toying with the idea of blaming the Publishers Weekly piece on Mad Jew Disease, but this might go too far. These people have no sense of humour whatsoever, these people. The slightest drop of rain falls on their butterfly-wings and they crumple into tears.' [Diary entry, 23 March 1996: K4, Tab. 10, p. 54]
[1.7/C]'HOLOCAUSTOMANIA: n, obsession with burnt offerings; hence:} business acumen; greed. (Gr., 1994).' [P's Action Report, number 9, May 1995, p. 2; K4, Tab. 10, p. 46 (at 1)]
[1.7/D][In February 1994 Irving was briefly imprisoned in Pentonville prison for contempt of court. He described receiving two ten-pound notes and the increase in value as one of them was exchanged around the prison where it was 'changed into drugs, then tobacco, then smack' until it returned to him as three phone cards and an ounce of tobacco.] 'Needless to say the Jew made more profit between the purchase of the smack and it's [sic] final conversion into the "For Use in Her Majesty's Prisons Only" telephone card which finally reaches me.' ['Law Report', P's Action Report, September 1994, p. 10: K4, Tab. 10, p. 35 (at 2)]
[1.7/E]'But we cannot help marvelling at the skill with which the world's media have trod the delicate path - reporting at length on these claims without seeming simultaneously to confirm every antisemite's distorted view of "the Jews" as people who swiftly amass huge fortunes while residing in the countries of their choice and then furtively squirrel away their ill-gotten fortunes in secret numbered bank accounts in far-away countries to avoid taxation and the other lawful burdens imposed on their host peoples.' ['Gold Rush!'Diary', P's Action Report, number 11, 18 December 1996, p. 2: K4, Tab. 10, p. 56]
[1.7/F]'What is remarkable is that this community have considered it worth taking such a long term risk [with their claims against Swiss banks], possibly even sowing the seeds of future Holocausts in the name of a short term gain in Gold: all the elements of antisemitic stereotype are there. The cosmopolitan, rootless, millionaire bereft of any local patriotism; flinging his (in popular perception, ill-gotten) gains out ahead as he escapes from the country where he has briefly rested; the demand for "unclaimed" Gold regardless of whose it is - whether wedding-rings eased off the lifeless fingers of Hamburg or Dresden air raid casualties for identification purposes, and stor2.ed by the bucket-full in the Reichsbank vaults..., or dental fillings ripped out of the bodies of gas chamber victims by S.S. dentists somehow immune to the Zyklon fumes which had dispatched the others.' ['Going for Gold: Opinion', Action Report, number 12, 15 August 1997, p. 2: K4, Tab. 10, p. 57 (at 1)]
[1.7/G][Again concerning claims against Swiss banks] '...the squabbles that have already broken out between rival factions - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti-Defamation League - all of whom want their pound of Swiss flesh...' ['Going for Gold: Opinion', Action Report, number 12, 15 August 1997, p. 2: K4, Tab. 10, p. 57 (at 2)]
[1.7/H][Writing on his 'grim financial history' being mentioned in a newspaper article] 'So: like many other hard-working people around the world, I incurred debts, many long since settled. I do not try to coast through life by putting up a Whale of a Wale and whining that the world has wronged me and owes me a (Gold-card) living.' ['A Radical's Diary', P's Action Report, number 12, 15 August 1997 [on title page, on pages 'July 1997'], p. 22: K4, Tab. 10, p. 60 (at 2)]
[1.7/I][A friend eating dinner with Irving explains that the] 'real estate deals he is doing at the expense of heavily mortgaged property owners. (Ouch.) I comment, "Sounds like you're out-jewing the Jews." He laughs, and agrees.' ['A Radical's Diary', Action Report, number 14, July 1998, p. 3: K4, Tab. 10, p. 61]
[1.7/J][On publishing Hitler's medical diaries] ' American magazine I think it was Newsday or People or Us telephoned me in London and said: "Mr Irving, is it true that you're publishing the diaries of Hitler's doctor?" So I said: "Yes," and they said: "Are the Jews going to like this book?" So I said: "I don't think so, no." So he said: "What is the reason for that?" and I said: "Well, they're not mentioned in it."
It is very difficult; we cannot please them. I do my hardest to please them. If you do mention them in a book they are mortally offended, if you don't mention them in a book they are equally offended." [P's speech at the 1983 IHR Conference, Anaheim, California (was also published in the JHR):K4, Tab. 1, p. 20]
[1.7/K][Describing Anthony Julius's complaint that Irving had used the word 'ventilated' in his affidavit to say that the topic of the gas chambers would be opened to examination, Irving wrote] 'God - these people are so sensitive, it is a wonder they're not covered in a permanent and unsightly rash.' ['A Radical's Diary', P's Action Report, number 15, 20 July 1999, p. 8: K4, Tab. 10, p. 63]
[1.7/L][Writing on a visit by a female friend who tells Irving about her partner, Irving wrote] who earns million-dollar bonuses each year as a broker, but, she laments, he does not have much time for her; she just gets talk about money. He squanders it like water, flies her everywhere first class, etc. (By this time I have guessed that he's Jewish.)' ['A Radical's Diary', Action Report, number 15, 20 July 1999, p. 20; K4, Tab. 10, p. 65]
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