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David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.10 Adoption of anti-Semitic programmes

[1.10/A]'And I think, and I may be considered extremist for saying this, I think the Madagascar Solution would probably have been the most peaceful for the present world. The Jews would have been on an island about the size of Germany with a very temperate climate, interesting agriculture possibilities, far more suitable, I would have thought, than the desert they were finally settled in. And above all, like Australia, like New Zealand, like England, they would have had no neighbours, nobody who they could feel intimated by and, of course, nobody who they in turn could intimidate. What a more peaceful place the world would be today of all days.' [P's speech in Christchurch, New Zealand, 26 March 1986: K4, Tab. 3, pp. 14-15]
[1.10/B]'When he [Eichmann] addressed his mind to the "final solution of the Jewish problem" in the late 1930s and early 1940s, it was quite plain to him that it was only a plan to sweep all the Jews of Europe aboard boats and transport them lock, stock and barrel down to Madagascar, where they would be on an island where they couldn't bother any of their neighbours and where none of their neighbours could bother them. I've always said and I say it here again - even though I risk making a few enemies-that I think that would have been an ideal solution to a perennial world tragedy....
What was behind the "Holocaust" (if we can use the word loosely here now)? He [Eichmann] keeps coming back to the appalling thought: Did they manage to use us? Did the Zionists use the Nazis to further their own ends. Was the Holocaust something that they themselves inflicted on their own body, in order to bring about their Zionist cause in the long run?... And perhaps this is the reason the Eichmann papers were not supposed to see the light of day.' [P's speech to the 11th IHR Conference, 'The Suppressed Eichmann and Goebbels Papers', (published in the JHR for March/April 1993): K3, Tab. 13, p. 19]
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