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David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.8 Jewish/communist/ capitalist nexus

[1.8/A]'...because the Sunday Times like many other newspapers needs international capital to survive. And international capital is provided by the great international merchant banks. And the great international merchant banks are controlled by people who are no friends of yours and mine.' [P's speech to the Clarendon Club, 19 September 1992: K4, Tab. 5, p. 4]
[1.8/B][On demonstrators outside his house] 'This odd, and ugly, and perverse, and greasy, and slimy community of "anti-Fascists" that run a severe risk of making the very word Fascist respectable again by their very appearance.![Loud Laughter and Applause]' [P's speech to the Clarendon Club, 19 September 1992: K4, Tab. 5, p. 5]
[1.8/C]'It struck me that Horten had not made any reference to the Jews, a typical thermometer of a person's nationalistic feeling.' [Diary entry, 13 May 1982: K4, Tab. 10, p. 14]
[1.8/D][In 1983 Irving explained to the IHR why it was that he was that he was] 'always running into problems with my critics of a certain persuasion'. [P's speech at the 1983 IHR Conference, 4 September 1983, Anaheim, California: K4, Tab. 1, p. 11]
[1.8/E][Whilst explaining that his thesis that the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 'had the closest possible analogy to a pogrom' was not his opinion, but what emerged from his sources, Irving slipped into his own historical and political views on the matter] 'This Jewish camarilla [Revai, Farkas, Rakosi, and Gerö], this four-headed monster which descended on the Hungarian people, bore down on them from Moscow, had been in Moscow throughout the war years and was imposed upon them as a post-war government, obtaining power by quite illegal and undemocratic means, and exercising that power with brutality and ruthlessness. Its primary executive arm was the secret police, initially called the Allamvedelmi Osztaly (AVO), the State Security Office, and subsequently the AVH. Now it is necessary to know that the officer corps of that secret police was almost entirely Jewish and from the Russian point of view you can understand this. They needed people on whom they could rely 100% to be their officer corps, their secret police.' [P's speech at the 1983 IHR Conference, 4 September 1983: K4, Tab. 1, p. 14]
[1.8/F]'And everywhere you go across the United States now, and you see these Holocaust Memorials and Museums, the American taxpayer must wonder, what's it got to do with us? You go to Baltimore, the centre of Baltimore, and there's this hideous concrete slab, this, this meaningless thing, poked out of a nice park. And you wonder what it's about. And basically it's telling the Americans, [gesticulates with upraised finger] "We are powerful enough to do that to you. We are powerful enough to shaft you. We are powerful enough to put the most hideous Monument you can imagine in the middle of Baltimore, and although you people of Baltimore haven't done anything to us yet, we're putting up a Monument already to it." That's what it's about. [Laughter].' [P's speech at the Bayerische Hof, Milton, Ontario, 5 October 1991: K3, Tab. 10, pp. 9-10]
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