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David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.7 (c) Physical characteristics of Jews

[1.7/P][A press conference when a Japanese company publicly apologised for a denialist article is described by Irving as] 'overshadowed by the gloating, vulpine figure of Rabbi [Abraham] Cooper [of the Simon Wiesenthal Center] himself....' ['Wiesenthalers Zap Jap "Crap"', Action Report, number 9, May 1995, p. 11; K4, Tab. 10, p. 51 (at 3)]
[1.7/Q]'Arrived at office of Rubenstein-Nash. After delay, shown into office of Mr. Michael Rubenstein. Thick skinned these Jews are! Didn't bat an eyelid as he read out excerpts from my Carnival editorial, the "National Press owned by the Jews" the "Jews hating other races claiming to be the master race..."' [Diary entry, 10 June 1963: K4, Tab. 10, p. 1]
[1.7/R][Writing about Dr. Berhard Weiss, the Berlin Deputy Police Chief, Irving wrote that he] '...looked so much like a Jewish caricature that his photographs didn't need to be re-touched by the Nazis. He was stereotypically Semitic in feature: short, with rounded ears and hook nose, and wearing spectacles.
In London I located Weiss' daughter, Hilda Baban-Weiss, and pleaded with her for a more attractive photo of her father, pointing out that the ones I have are not very flattering. I got total silence from the daughter, so I abandoned my quest. Unfortunately, when my biography of Dr. Goebbels comes out we're going to have to use these rather unattractive pictures.' [P's speech at the 12th IHR in September 1994, published as 'Revelations from the Goebbels' Diaries' (JHR for Jan/Feb 1995): K3, Tab. 18, p. 7]
[1.7/S][Commenting on a supposed 'Jewish-communist assault' on the Dresden cemetery and memorial to the occasion of the anniversary of the allied air raids. Irving dismissed suggestions that it might have been the work of right-wingers trying to blacken 'their opponents' because] 'framing your opponents is a trick used exclusively by our traditional enemy...'. 'I doubt they do it on central instructions. Actions like these seem to be embedded into their biological microchip before birth.' ['A Radical's Diary', Action Report, number 9, May 1995, p. 6: K4, Tab. 10, p. 49]
[1.7/T][After hiring him to help serialise the Goebbels' diaries, Irving claimed that Andrew Neil told him that he had never] 'come under such immense pressure from You Know Whom; from our traditional enemies' [including] 'the self-appointed, ugly, greasy, perverted representatives of that community in Britain'. [P's Clarendon Club speech, 19 September 1992: K4, Tab. 5, pp. 3-4]
[1.7/U]'They [a British television company] telephoned me two days ago in Winnipeg to say "Mr Irving, we've been told by the British Minister of the Interior, the Home Office that they are going to ban Fred Leuchter setting foot in Britain at the request of the British Board of Deputies of Jews. And this is the way they work, they refuse to allow debate. They scurry and hide furtively, they're like the cockroaches who you don't see normally by light of day. They hide, they fear the truth, it bedazzles them, it blinds them, they can't stand that [unintelligible]. [Applause].' [P's speech at the Bayerische Hof, Milton, Ontario, 5 October 1991: K3 Tab. 10, p. 27]
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