David Irving's Right Wing Extremism

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Ingrid Weckert

Date Document
3 June 1979 Letter p to Weckert, thanking her friendly letter of 20 May" and the "detailed explanation". P tells Weckert that "in some points I will certainly undertake expansions in a eventual new edition of my book " P promises Weckert he will send her a few documents on 1938 as soon as his collected documents return from the microfilm printers.
21 Nov 1989 Diary: Precords a letter to Weckert. P informs Weckert of his current work on a biography of Goebbels. "I believe, at the moment you suggest to me a theory of agent provocateurs, who dressed in NS uniforms, and; so disguised caused this nonsense. (Enclosed some documents that point in this direction). Do you have information that could be of worth to my Goebbels biography?" P informs Weckert that he has heard that she is working on Julius Streicher and offers her material.
21 Feb 1990 Diary:Precords that he tries to phone Weckert, without success.
20 Apr 1990 Diary: P records that he attended a dinner organised by Althans in Munich. Weckert is listed as amongst those present.
2000 P's website: includes an appeal to visitors to 'contribute to Dr Weckert's survival'

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