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British National Party (BNP)1

Date Document
17 July 1980 Letter Robin Rushton (BNP) to P; "In our early days the media will concentrate so much on the personalities surrounding you and make great capital out of any weakness or character defects of persons who may be politically compromised. As time goes on this will matter as the ranks swell."
5 May 1983 Letter Ray Hill to P inviting him to address a BNP meeting in Leicester in June 1983. "You will perhaps be aware that I am involved in nationalist politics but the proposed meeting will not be of any particular political party." SC 28.1
21 June 1983 Diary: '4.30 pm train to Leicester, spoke there to 27 people at a British National Movement meeting organised by Ray Hill. Excellent small audience, and I sold about 20 books to them afterwards.' SC 28.1; RFI 46
17 July 1990 Letter Geoffrey D. Brown to P, on BNP Yorkshire Region headed notepaper, confirming that, further to their telephone conversation earlier that day, the BNP would be happy for P to address a special Northern Regional Meeting. "Whilst the bulk of the audience will no doubt be from the BNP, it is expected that there will also be people attending from other groups, such as the Monday Club (Yorkshire Area) and English Solidarity...Many thanks for accepting our invitation." SC 28.2
21 July 1990 Letter P to Geoffrey Brown confirming that P will appear at the 14 September meeting.
14 Sept 1990 Diary: P refers to BNP that day, which he described as being packed "with a good sprinkling of people across the spectrum from skinhead to pinstriped Monday Club." SC 28.2; RFI 46
25 Aug 1993 P's diary: P phones Edmonds (BNP), who wanted him to speak at a BNP meeting in November 1993. SC 28.3
26 Aug 1993 Letter Richard Edmonds (BNP) to P inviting P to attend as guest speaker at a rally in London on 6 November 1993. SC 28.3
26 Oct 1993 P's diary: P spoke to Kirk Lyons about BNP meeting in November 1993; Lyons had arranged meetings for P on 4 and 6 November 1993 (in USA). SC 28.3


1. See Statement of Case (SC) Section 6, paragraphs 26, 28; Request for Information (RFI), "Extremism section 45-46.
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