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Date Document
27 Feb 1980 Letter Lewis Brandon (IHR) to P, inviting him to speak at the 1990 IHR Conference
4 Mar 1980 Letter P to Brandon (IHR): "I did hear about your last years convention and, of course, it attracted my interest... ... I would have to condition my acceptance of your very kind invitation on knowing who else would participate. Of course, I have no desire to limit your own scope, but for reasons you will probably perceive I cannot speak on the same platform as for example Walendy or Butz. This is pure Realpolitik on my part. I am already dangerously exposed and I cannot take the chance of being caught in Flak meant for others."
12 Mar 1980 Letter Brandon (IHR) to P: "I also understand that you recently met up with our good friends from Historical Review Press, and also our supporters from the League of St George. We keep in very close touch with developments over there"
9 July 1980 Letter P to Brandon (IHR): "I am sorry we were not able to reach any definitive decision on your 1980 convention. Perhaps in 1981 e can do something".
12 Mar 1981 Diary: visits to Carto at offices of Liberty Lobby and Spotlight; Carto described as "A typical small time fascist". "I stressed how important it is for me to keep my image clean as at present I am still allowed into the media while the opposition is trying everything to keep me off it. He indicated that there are ties between the Liberty Lobby and the [IHR]... I expressed disapproval of that, saying that the [IHR] called down unnecessary fire on our own lines".
30 May 1981 Letter Mark Weber (IHR) to P enclosing outline of Weber's forthcoming book "The Final Solution: Legend and Reality". Weber mentions P's "conditional agreement to write a foreword to the book". The central thesis of the book was that "there was no official German to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Six million Jews were not killed" (p11). The photographs are to include an 'unflattering' one of Anne Frank (p16).
30 July 1981 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: "I appreciate your words of advice and encouragement on my book on the Final Solution".
31 May 1982 Letter Tom Marcellus (IHR) to P expressing regret that P cannot attend IHR conference.
12 Aug 1982 Letter Willis A. Carto (IHR) to P regretting that he cannot alleviate P's financial problems immediately and inviting him to the 5th IHR conference in 1984.
21 Nov 1982 Two letters from Marcellus (IHR) to P. The first concerning the sale of P's books by IHR (p20); the second asking P to speak for 90 minutes at the 5th IHR Conference (p21).
1 Dec 1982 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): provisional acceptance to speak at the 1983 IHR conference. '..because of the disadvantages and risk to reputation involved I would certainly want a larger honorarium...'. He refers to a possible topic for his speech. "My own line, in a nutshell, is that mass murders did take place on an ad hoc basis that was not however organised at a top state level".
4 Sept 1983 P speaks at 5th IHR conference: 'On Contemporary History and Historiography' (later published in the JHR). SC para 2; RFI 10
Other speakers at that conference included Wilhelm Stglich, whose talk 'Der Mythos Auschwitz: A Book and Its Fate in the German Federal Republic' (subsequently published in the JHR). P meets Faurisson at that Conference.
Tapes of the conference are sold by IHR.
15 Jan 1985 Letter P to Marcellus (referring to books sold through IHR).
12 Sept 1985 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P (concerning sale of books).
18 June 1987 Letter Weber (IHR) to P expressing regret at not being able to meet P and wishing him well in "your remarkable career".
29 Feb 1988 Letter Carto (IHR) to P (concerning printing and sale of Churchill's War)
18 Mar 1988 Letter P to Carto (IHR) in reply.
23 Mar 1988 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P inviting him to speak at the 9th IHR conference 'If you decide to accept, your lecture will be recorded and offered for sale by the IHR, and your lecture will be transcribed and printed in the [JHR].".
17 May 1988 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): the February 1989 conference "sounds very tempting, but you know what the problems for me would be. If I were to commit Hara-Kiri like this, I should have to haggle with you for a much larger fee."
24 June 1988 Letter P to Carto (IHR): accepting the IHR's new offer of terms for the February convention "provided that my New York publishers, William Morrow Inc., do not voice objections, as well they may; since they have paid $100,000 for my latest book, I obviously have to take care not to irritate them."
8 Sep 1988 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P: setting out procedures for the 9th IHR conference (again, it refers to the publication of the speech by the IHR both in the JHR and by sale of tapes).
21 Sep 1988 Diary: P lunches with the "IHR chieftains", Marcellus, Carto and O'Keefe.
18-20 Feb 1989 9th IHR Conference. Speakers include P (on 19 February 1989), Leuchter, Keegstra and Mattogno. P's speech Churchill and US entry into the Second World War (subsequently published in the JHR). SC para 3; RFI 11
14 Mar 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: "Your presentation and your straightforward statement to the media at the concluding news conference contributed enormously to making this IHR gathering probably the most successful ever".
2 Apr 1989 Letter Carto (IHR) to P: sends P a copy of the newsletter and refers to P's "outstanding" contribution to the 9th IHR conference. "With your support of holocaust revisionism the outcome is no longer in doubt. It will take some more time but victory is inevitable. ... It's not everyone who has a chance to be instrumental in a historic turnaround. The practical consequences of destroying the holocaust myth are almost indescribably potent."
31 July 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P, enclosing criticisms of the Leuchter Report that he had also sent to Faurisson, Leuchter and Zündel.
4 Sep 1989 Letter P to Weber (IHR): "the critiques of the Leuchter Report are very cogent.... As you know, we had a similar critique from..Crabtree. I do not know what the answer is, but your response was pretty good."
4 Sept 1989 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): P would bring 200 copies of the Leuchter Report with him to the US in October, for the IHR to sell at $20.
3 Oct 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: referring to the criticisms of the Leuchter Report and inviting him to address the next IHR.
15 Oct 1989 Letter P to Weber (IHR): referring to the Leuchter report; "evidence of downright faking at the 'gaschamber' sites.."; the Polish 1945 report (confirming the presence of cyanide in zinc grids and hair).
30 Oct 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: commenting on the 1945 report and Leuchter; asks whether was still willing consider writing a foreword to Weber's forthcoming book "even though you are now working on a book of your own about Auschwitz and our work may therefore overlap somewhat."
12 Dec 1989 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P. Referring to the October 1990 IHR conference: "You'll be a central part of what is sure to be our most exciting and best-attended conference ever."
12 Jan 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR), enclosing latest response to Leuchter Report (from Colin Beer).
9 Feb 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR) stating that "the debate on Leuchter is hotting up".
9 May 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): suggesting "very slight editorial improvement" on an article by Nordling to be published in the JHR. "I think his references to 'gas chambers' are quite harmless and should be left in, under the circumstances."
7 Aug 1990 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: Weber was urging Marcellus and O'Keefe "to act on your excellent suggestion to reprint your fine introduction to the new Avon edition of Hitler's War in the IHR Journal. Thanks!".
14 Oct 1990 P's speech at 10th IHR: 'Battleship Auschwitz' (later published in JHR). Weber introduces P as a 'kind of one man IHR' and quotes what P had said at Dresden(p493).
On 15 October 1990, P heard Faurisson speak at that conference. According to his diary: Faurisson spoke 'well and wittily'. SC para 4; RFI 12
5 Nov 1990 Letter Weber (IHR) to P thanking him for his "rousing presentation" at the 10th IHR, which was "a memorable high point." Weber is pleased that P is "now inclined to contribute an introduction or foreword to my lengthy book about the Holocaust".
17 Dec 1990 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P, sending him his typeset remarks, as published in the JHR.
13 June 1991 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR) expressing concern that his Off the Record remarks at the IHR conference in particular my comments about some gentlemen being A**HOLES" had been published on Canadian TV and in Now magazine. "It would assist me if I knew whether that part of my remarks (the off the record portion) was indeed recorded, or transcribed, somehow..."
20 June 1991 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P: P had confirmed that he did not
expect Marcellus to excise from the tapes "that whole electrifying
'off the record' section on Battleship Auschwitz
"; in Weber's view,
it was "undoubtedly the most thrilling aspect of your appearance as
evidenced by the positive audience response to your remarks. So
yes, that humorous comment about the A... is on the videotapes and
audiotapes that we have been selling.... ... However, as you know,
the "Battleship Auschwitz" segment that was printed in the .. [JHR]
had the A... joke removed
SC para 4.4
12 July 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: enclosing the IHR newsletter and refers to the next JHR, which includes the 1990 Krakov report about Auschwitz. "Keep up your wonderful work. We need you more than ever!"
19 July 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: thanks P for arranging a meeting in Munich between Weber and Bruno Wetzel of the D.V.U.
22 Nov 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P congratulating him on the 15 November 1991 meeting (Chelsea Town Hall, addressed by Faurisson and Leuchter) and asking for further information to publish an account in IHR newsletter.
30 Nov 1991 Letter P to Weber (IHR): providing further information (media coverage) about the meeting and offering to send a copy of Leuchter's own account.
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): referring to interesting article in the JHR about Franke-Griksch, whose son 'of course, is one of us'; and offering to deliver a paper at the next IHR Conference.
16 Jan 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): after the 'hullaballoo' about the Eichmann papers, reassures Marcellus that "My position remains unchanged: that there were certain My-Lai atrocities by the troops in Russia; that the gas chambers and factories of death are Hollywood legends; that there isno wartime evidence of a Hitler order; that what Eichmann says in these papers is "hearsay"'.
25 Jan 1992 Feb 1992 Letter P to Doug Christie, copied to Weber (IHR): 'My position, always narrowly defined, has not changed'.
20 May 1992 Letter P to Weber (IHR): refers to his speech at the forthcoming 11th IHR conference.
4 June 1992 Letter P to Weber (IHR): P has discovered the Aumeier papers in the PRO. "These MSS are going to be a problem for revisionists, and need analysing now, in advance of our enemies, and answering."
Draft article [for JHR] concerning P's conviction in Germany.
10-12 Oct 1992 11th IHR Conference. P speaks on the Suppressed Eichmann and Goebbels Papers. Audio and video tapes of the conference are sold. SC para 5; RFI 13
15 Oct 1992 Letter IHR (Weber) to P: thanks P for his contribution. "As usual, your stellar presentation contributed enormously to the conference's success'.
16 Nov 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): P sends copy of his diary, covering the 'final climax' and offers to send previous pages of the diary — for use in preparing a JHR article about his arrest. 'Don't quote harsh words about Ernst Zündel or Doug Christie'.
19 Nov 1992 Letter P to Raven (IHR): draft appeal for the 'fighting fund'. "The Fight Goes on — to Final Victory"
20 Nov 1992 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: thanking him for the "copious material" he had provided. "I like to think that if any group in the USA is duty bound to defend you, it is the IHR."
24 Nov 1992 Letter Weber to P: enclosing text of his recent IHR Conference lecture, for comments and amendment.
26 Nov 1992 Letter Weber to P: thanks P for responding so quickly with corrections and changes.
28 Nov 1992 Letter Marcellus to P: inviting him to join the Editorial Advisory Committee. P had refused previous invitations 'pointing out that such an affiliation might harm your reputation.' SC Para 12.2
10 Dec 1992 Letter Raven (IHR) to P enclosing the David Irving edition of the JHR.
19 Jan 1993 Letter P to IHR: P is "very impressed indeed" by the new JHR.
1 Mar 1993 Letter Weber to P: asking P to participate in an IHR news conference, to express "reasoned opposition" to the US Holocaust museum (the day before its formal dedication). Faurisson was also to participate in it. Weber also referred to a demonstration, being organised by Kirk Lyons.
4 Mar 1993 Letter P to IHR: he is interested in the attending the news conference; he asks for a fee — 'I would anticipate that my presence might break the conference into the real news media..' (terms are subsequently agreed — including a fee, free flights and a free advertisement for P's fighting fund in the JHR) SC para 6.2, 6.3
19 Mar 1993 Letter P to Weber: approving Weber's article about P for the JHR.
2 Apr 1993 Letter P to Weber, thanking him for the latest JHR.
12 Apr 1993 Letter Weber to P: about the forthcoming 21.4.93 meeting; the IHR news conference would be attended by Faurisson and (possibly) Leuchter; there would be a meeting the night before.
15 Apr 1993 Letter P to Weber: agreeing to address the Wednesday meeting and being available for media interviews.
21 Apr 1993 P speaks at press conference, organised by IHR, the day before the dedication of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. SC para 6; RFI 14
JHR includes appeal for P's fighting fund, as agreed. SC para 12.3 (RFI 21)
5 May 1993 Letter Weber to P: thanking P for this "rousing presentation at our meeting on the evening of the 21st "; he also thanks P for this help in preparing the article in the JHR (Weber's report about the ban against P in Australia).
27 May 1993 Letter P to Weber/Raven: providing material for an update on the position about his ban from Australia.
9 Jun 1993 Letter Raven to P: refers to the video of the Washington DC gathering.
22 Jun 1993 Letter P to Raven, ordering 15 copies of the video.
31 Jul 1993 Letter P to Raven, asking for (amongst other things) forty copies of the JHR with him on the cover; and ten Washington DC videos.
6 & 7 Jan
Letters Marcellus/P: is invited to speak at the 12th IHR (September 1994); P accepts - 'count on me' - and proposes to talk about Dr Goebbels and the Final Solution. "Basically what fundamentalist HolocaustTM historians would expect to find in the diaries ain't there; ....Nogas chambers.
18 Jan 1994 Letter Marcellus to P: offering to send fliers advertising his talks in the southeastern states.
9 Feb 1994 Letter Marcellus to P: after the split within IHR, Marcellus had obtained endorsements from "leading advisory board members and prominent revisionist friends", including Zündel. He set out an endorsement provided by Zündel (which included "The IHR .. belongs to all of us, for without all of us the IHR will cease to exists"). Marcellus tells P 'something from you would go a long
way, David, perhaps an endorsement along the following lines ... ... some form of endorsement expressing your confidence in us at this critical juncture would be most appreciated
.' SC para 11.2; RFI 19
10 Feb 1994 Letter P to Marcellus: providing an endorsement. "The IHR journal...presents the traditional enemies of the truth for the first time with a serious opponent....: long may..the Journal stay unchanged: staunch and unflinching soldiers in what our brave comrade Robert Faurisson has called 'this great adventure'" SC para 11.1, 11.2; RFI 19
21 Apr 1994 Letter Weber to P: thanking P for his endorsement "(along with those of other good friends of the IHR) which we circulated with the mailing on the Carto-IHR dispute that was sent out to all journal subscribers in late February and early march (copy enclosed).' The other endorsements including some from Faurisson, Butz, Zündel. He sends P information about the dispute at the IHR.
JHR journal also publishes P's endorsement. SC para 11.3; RFI 19
4 May 1994 Diary; P has discussion with Valentine (IHR). "Was he right in catching a hint from me that I would be willing to edit the Journal? I said yes he was. He said that Carto apparently did not catch the hint, has said he'd be willing to pay $50,000 pa just to have my name as editor."
14 May 1994 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: reflects the involvement of P in seeking to resolve the dispute between the IHR factions.
11 Aug 1994 Letter P to Andrew Allen. Off the record, P refers to his attempts to resolve the dispute.
Sep/Oct 1994 JHR includes "The Enemy Struggles as a Legend Dies".
1 Sep 1994 Diary: P flies to California. He goes to the IHR, where he meets Raven and Zündel; Faurisson has arrived; P has dinner with "the gang". SC para 7.3
3-5 Sep 1994 Programme for 12th IHR Conference. P speaks on the second day (4th): Revelations from the Goebbel's Diaries. SC para 7; RFI 15
6 Sep 1994 Diary: P lunches with Weber and discusses the possibility of working as a paid official for IHR. SC para 7.4; RFI 15
7 Sep 1994 Diary: P collects Weber at the IHR and has lunch with him and
Zündel. SC para 7.5
20 Sep 1994 Letter Raven to P, offering to publicise his speech in Portland in October 1994.
10 Oct 1994 P spoke in meeting in Portland, promoted by the IHR. SC para 8; RFI 16
4 Nov 1994 Letter Weber to P: Thanks P for his speech at the IHR conference. 'I was very pleased that you expressed interest in one day working openly for or with the IHR.'
5 Jan 1995 Letter Weber to P: wants to reprint in the JHR an article about Auschwitz, published in P's Action Report (which had been reprinted in the Revisionist Researcher Magazine, published by Hoffman).
11 Jan 1995 Letter P to Weber: giving permission to reprint the item, which P says was not in Action Report, but was the report of a speech on his last US tour. P explains that the "2,188 tonnes figure came from Karl Philipp, who told me it is in the second Pressac book: a document or documents provide that total."
17 Jan 1995 Weber to P: sends draft of text of P's speech for publication in JHR; P had provided a copy of his handwritten notes.
21 Jan 1995 P to Weber, returning the corrected proofs.
21 Feb 1995 Weber to P: sends Conan/L'Express material to P; "As you say, we need to really play this up ..."
Mar/Apr 1995 Letter from Faurisson published in JHR. P's reply to the letter is published in a later JHR.
13 Sep 1995 Letter Weber to P: concerning distribution of P's books through IHR and refers to IHR conference in October 1995.
21 Oct 1995 P speaks at IHR event in Costa Mesa. Afterwards he has dinner with Weber and Raven and discusses the IHR's financial problems. SC 9
23 Oct 1995 Letter Weber to P: thanking him for his speech and appreciating his concern for the financial future of the IHR. "We will give thoughtful consideration to your specific suggestions to help keep the IHR afloat."
7 Nov 1995 Letter Weber to P: referring to P's video.
17 Dec 1995 Letter P to Weber: Aumeier interrogations. P refers to them as the "weightiest contemporary report I have ever seen of Auschwitz, other than by Höss... I think the IHR should publish this with commentary. Otherwise, one day the other side will find the Aumeier Aufzeichnungen [notes] and....2 ".
10 Jan 1996 Letter P to Weber: "I'm keeping my thumbs crossed for the IHR's survival."
13 Apr 1996 Letter P to Weber: re cancellation of the next IHR Conference. "To the IHR's closest friends, it must now look as though defeating Carto has overtaken all the Institute's other real work."
19 Apr 1996 Letter Weber to P: referring to the difficulties in the IHR; all "prominent revisionist scholars" have remained loyal to the IHR; thanks P for his support, particularly over the last two years.
5 Jun 1996 Letter Weber to P, about a forthcoming IHR event.
11 Jun 1996 Letter P to Weber: regrets that Christie would not speak at that event. "Is he (like me) getting chilly feet? (the media's linking me with CODOH, the IHR., etc is the main reason that SMP was pressured into dumping Goebbels with the loss to me of around half a million dollars in US royalties..." In a PS, P writes: "thanks for the clippings -- very useful keep em coming."
28 Mar 1998 P appeared a special IHR meeting. SC para 10


1. See Statement of Case (SC) Section 6, paragraphs 1-12 and Requests for Information (RFI) "Extremism", section no.s 7-21. All references to SC are to section 6; all references to RFI are to the extremism section.
2. The dots here appear in the original letter.
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