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Hitler's Role in the Persuection of the Jews by the Nazi Regime: Electronic Version, by Heinz Peter Longerich

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13.1Hitler's particular interest in the furthering of "Jewish policy" becomes obvious especially through the fact of his personal involvement in subsequent plans for deportation.
13.2The initiative for the deportation of 7000 Jews from the two Gaue (i.e. Party districts), Baden and the Saar-Palatinate area, to France on 22 and 23 October was most probably due to the intervention of the two responsible Gau chiefs, Bürckel and Wagner.116 These abductions were specifically approved by Hitler, as is clear from a handwritten note by the Jewish expert of the foreign office, Rademacher.117
13.3At the beginning of November, Hitler made a personal decision concerning the distribution of 200,000 ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) who were to be accommodated in the Reich before the end of the year, thanks to agreements with the Soviet Union and Romania negotiated in September and October. In this connection, on the occasion of a conference with leading military leaders on 4 November, 1941, he made a decision about the further deportation of Poles and Jews from the annexed Eastern territories: "Gouvernement: plus 150-160,000 Poles and Jews from the newly won territories".118
13.4On the very same day, discussions began on the agreement to a quota for those to be deported from the ex-Polish areas, as we learn from the Goebbels` diaries; According to this source, Hitler created "joyful peace" between the Gauleiters Koch (from East Prussia) and Forster (Danzig-West Prussia):119
All would like to throw their rubbish in to the Generalgouvernement: Jews, the sick, the lazy, etc. And Frank resists. Not entirely without justification. He would like to make an exemplary country out of Poland. That is going too far. He can not and should not do this. Poland should be a large work reservoir for us - this is what the Führer has decided. [...] And the Jews - we will throw them out of these areas later as well.
13.5At this same meeting or directly thereafter, deportation quotas were set for the two Gaue - and according to this commitment mass deportations of more than 47,000 Poles, Jews and non Jews from the annexed territories into the Generalgouvernement followed in the next months.120
13.6At the beginning of December, Lammers told Schirach (Gauleiter in Vienna) of his wish expressed two months earlier - that the deportation (Abschiebung) of   Vienna Jews be approved by Hitler. This is further proof of Hitler`s direct involvement in the plans for deportation:
As Reichsleiter Bormann explained to me, the Führer has decided, on the basis of one of your reports, that in the Reichsgau of Vienna, 60.000 Jews who have housing should be deported to the Generalgouvernement as rapidly as possible, i.e. while the war is still going on, because of the housing shortage in Vienna.121
In anticipation of this deportation, beginning in February and March, 5000 Jews from Vienna were deported to the Generalgouvernement.122


113. 'Sehr wichtig ist auch die Entscheidung des Führers, die er auf meinen Antrag gefällt hat, daß keine Judentransporte ins Generalgouvernment mehr stattfinden. Allgemein politisch möchte ich dazu sagen, daß geplant ist, die ganze Judensippschaft im Deutschen Reich, im Generalgouvernment und im Protektorat in denkbar kürzester Zeit nach Friedensschluß in eine afrikanische oder amerikanische Kolonie zu transportieren. Man denkt an Madagaskar, das zu diesem Zwecke von Frankreich abgetrennt werden soll.' Präg/Jacobmeyer (eds.), Diensttagebuch, 12.7.40.
114. PAA, Inland IIg 177, note by Luther 15.8.40; printed in ADAP, Serie D, vol. 10, No. 345: "intented, after the war to evacuate all Jews from Europe". ('beabsichtige, nach dem Krieg sämtliche Juden aus Europa zu evakuieren')
115. Fröhlich (ed.), Tagebücher, 17.8.40 (concerning the discussion with Hitler on the previous day).
116. Toury, Entstehungsgeschichte.
117. Rademacher in a draft for a letter on December 7, 1940 changing the wording "deportation ordered from Führer" to "deportation approved by Führer" (PAA, Inland II g 189, Toury, Austreibungsbefehl, 443).
118. 'Gouvernement: plus 150-160.000 Polen und Juden aus den wiedergewonnenen Gebieten,' vol. 2, 4.11.40.
119. 'Der Führer stiftet wieder einmal lachend Frieden. Alle möchten ihren Unrat ins Generalgouvernement abladen. Juden, Kranke, Faulenzer etc. Und Frank sträubt sich dagegen. Nicht ganz mit Unrecht. Er möchte aus Polen ein Musterland machen. Das geht zu weit. Das kann er nicht und soll er nicht. Polen soll für uns, so bestimmt der Führer, ein großes Arbeitsreservoir sein. [...] Und die Juden schieben wir später auch einmal aus diesem Gebiet ab.' Fröhlich (ed.), Tagebücher, 5 November ("yesterday").
120. Summary of the numbers on the basis of Polish sources and research in: Röhr (ed.), Okkupationspolitik in Polen, pp. 356f.
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<< 12. Hitler's Support for...List of abbreviations >>