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David Irving, Holocaust Denial, and his Connections to Right Wing Extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) in Germany: Electronic Edition, by Hajo Funke

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5.4 OPC observations 1990.

5.4.1.The 1990 VSB reported that
The important British revisionist David Irving (52), who spoke at the 10-3-90 DVU rally in Passau was not allowed to speak because the town administration put a ban on the meeting. Nevertheless he could express his opinions at meetings of right-wing extremists in Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Gera, Stuttgart, Weinheim/Bergstrasse, and Oberhausen. The Minister for the Interior ordered a ban on his entering the FRG. Irving was nevertheless not identified when he entered Germany, however, he distributes the Leuchter Report from London.315
5.4.2.In state VSBs it was observed that at several meetings that year Irving had stated the Holocaust was just a 'propaganda lie'.316 In Munich he was quoted as having said that there 'were never any gas chambers in Auschwitz'.317 Further 'The British writer David Irving also shared the conviction that the Holocaust is just a propaganda lie put about by the allies of World War II.'318 'Irving, in his books and lectures puts forth   vehement opinions of the so-called revisionism that claims the Holocaust (gassing of deported Jews) did not occur.'319


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