David Irving, Holocaust Denial, and his Connections to Right Wing Extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) in Germany: Electronic Edition, by Hajo Funke

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1.3 Sources.

1.3.1.The arguments and opinions set out below have relied on those set out by the Plaintiff and the Defendant as set out their respective pleadings. In the course of writing I have relied mainly on the documents and materials released in the Plaintiff's further discovery2 .
1.3.2.It is important at this juncture to comment on two items in the further discovery. David Irving's diaries, although named such, are not what one would consider diaries in the normal sense. Only rarely does David Irving comment on political activities or political issues. Much more they constitute a listing of daily occurrences and business (political or domestic). References in the diaries indicate that Irving at times gave copies to friends or used them to substantiate legal issues. This would suggest that they have been 'sanitised' for other readers, and thus do not constitute a private but rather a public diary. As will be set out below important passages in Irving's diaries have not been released to the defence, sometimes consisting of a few days, sometimes weeks or even months. David Irving has also released many hours of video and audio material. As will become apparent Irving and those he associated with were almost   obsessive in their recordings of David Irving's speeches in Germany. The suspicion is that some crucial speeches have not been disclosed. Where this suspicion arises it is noted.
1.3.3.Part of the duties of the German office for the protection of the constitution [Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz - OPC] is to monitor those activities within Germany seen as extra-constitutional and more importantly anti-constitutional (see below). Since the late 1960s the OPC has published their monitoring activities and their judgements on parties, groups, and individuals. These findings are published in Germany at both a national and state level in the form of annual constitutional reports [Verfassungsschutzberichte, henceforth VSB]. They constitute an invaluable and authoritative source on extremism in Germany and more importantly on what activities and individuals are officially considered extremist in Germany by the authorities. In this sense the VSBs can be viewed as an equivalent in politics to say yearly government economic reports. The reports are consequently cited frequently in my report.
1.3.4.A certain amount of secondary literature has been relied on, particularly in identifying some of the more obscure figures and organisations Irving came into contact with. Some of it is what David Irving would consider 'anti-fascist', although it has mostly been written by experienced and conscientious academics and researchers. In my own experience I have found that the material contained in such reference books is reliable, and that any short-comings are inherent to the secretive and conspiratorial nature of individuals and groups concerned.


2. All references in the footnotes refer to this further discovery unless otherwise stated by prefixing a document number. All ellipses and comments or translations in the square brackets are ours unless otherwise stated. Party and organization abbreviations originate with the German proper nouns. English abbreviations have been used where common or more pertinent to the report.
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<< 1.2 Scope of the report.

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