Holocaust Denial on Trial, Skeleton Argument of the Claimant (long): Electronic Edition, by Adrian Davies

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1. The Bischoff document

135.Gray J says at 7.106 that:--
"Irving dismissed several of the allegedly incriminating documents as unauthentic if not downright forgeries."
136.Gray J is, however, wrong. As Irving emphasized in his closing speech, he challenged the authenticity of only one document, the Bischoff document.
137.Gray J is also seriously in error when he says that the grounds for Irving's challenge to the authenticity of the Bischoff document rested:--
"on the inaccurate designation of the rank of the addressee of the letter, General Kammler, which omitted the distinctive symbol used by the Nazis for members of the SS."
138.This was not even a ground, let alone the ground, upon which Irving relied. The grounds were listed clearly in Irving's written submissions to Gray J of 21 March, 2000 (submitted at the Court's request):--  
  • "(i) Bischoff letter, 28 June, 1943, on crematorium capacity at Auschwitz.
    The integrity of this document is challenged on the following grounds:--
    • (a)Letter register number ("31550 Pe. /Ne.-") lacks the year (/43/")
    • (b)Letter register number has a secretary or typist working for the man who dictated the letter (Jenisch) whose initials ("/Ne.") are not found on any of the other 58,000 documents surviving in the Auschwitz Construction Office archives.
    • (c)The rank of Dr. Kammler is given wrongly: SS-BrigadeFuehrer und Generalmajor instead of: SS-BrigadeFuehrer und Generalrnajor der Waffen SS. Such an error is not found on any other genuine document whatever.
    • (d)The reference number "31550" appears to have been typed in at a later date, possibly after somebody ascertained a suitable in sequence number to give to the fake document.
    • (e)The handling figures which this document gives for Crematorium II do not tally with the specifications provided by the manufacturers, Topf & Co. A letter   cited by Jean-Claude Pressac from the Topf archives gives a top rate of 800 per day for Crematorium II and III
    • (f)Furthermore, the document refers to some crematoria which were at that time shut down, and to others that were due to be taken out of commission. Crematorium II was in service from March 15 to 24 and July 18 to December 31, in. 1943; Crematorium III from June 25 to December 31; Crematorium IV from March 22 to May ICI Crematorium II and IV were apparently 'down' at the date of the alleged document; and Crematorium I was taken right out of service soon after for conversion to an air raid shelter."
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