Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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Material evidence for the hole

74.Pages 256 - 257 are based upon page 7 of the van Pelt Critique (and replicated from the van Pelt Critique 2).
75.At page 6 of the van Pelt Critique Rudolf states of van Pelt "...so he agrees that no remainders of those alleged holes exist. Would he have only rudimental knowledge of architecture he would know that it is impossible to restore boles in a concrete ceiling without leaving clearly visible traces. In fact, van Pelt has given evidence for the fact that there were never any holes in the ceiling of this room, and consequently no Zyklon B introduction devices of which nature so ever and hence no introduction of poisonous substances in the way described by the "witnesses". He has proved that his "eye witnesses" are lying. He has proved that there is no evidence for mass murder in Auschwitz. In fact, he has proved that there is no evidence for the Holocaust. No holes, no "Holocaust" (Robert Faurisson). It is nice to see that in the year 2000 the great professor of architecture, Robert Jan van Pelt came to the same results as I did in 1991 (as described in my 1993 report), when analysing the roof of the alleged "gas chamber"   of crematorium II in Birkenau. Just our conclusions are slightly different...". Mr Rudolf repeats this statement in a less aggressive form at page 258 of the Witness statement showing that he himself dates this argument to 1991.

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