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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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F. Krema 4 and 5 (Rudolf witness statement pages 31-35)

36. Page 31/32 extracts from Judgment (7.68/7.63/7.64).
37. In the Gray Critique (page 6) Rudolf makes the argument repeated at page 32 and the first paragraph of page 33 of his witness statement. In the Gray Critique, Rudolf gives as sources Pressac's 1989 book and a 1988 article by F.P Berg, he then refers the reader to the Van Pelt Critique.
38. Page 33 to the last paragraph of page 35 of the witness statement all appeared at page 2 of van Pelt Critique. None of the documentation referred to in the footnotes post-dated the original trial of this action. It is noted that FN 32 of the witness statement states that a paper is being prepared by an architect; this simply re-states FN 11 from the Van Pelt Critique (formally dated more than a year earlier). It should be noted that the Claimant produced at trial (but did not put into evidence) some notes for cross-examination he said he had obtained from an anonymous architectural expert; the Claimant had referred to spending a great deal of time and money on architectural consultants for the trial (see, for example, transcript Day 2 pages 114, 124 and 252 Day 8 pages 189-190).
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