Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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E. Pre-heating the morgue (30 - 31)

33.Page 30 -- extract from judgment (7.68).
34. The commentary all appeared on page 7 of the van Pelt Critique. FN 25 refers to 'W. Rademacher, in: Ernst Gauss (ed) Dissecting the Holocaust...'. Although Rudolf fails to name the article it is in fact 'The Case of Walter Luftl' ("MDB 4" tab 9), which was published in 'Dissecting the Holocaust' a book published in 1994 (see "MDI3 4" tab 10 page 4) and edited by 'Ernst Gauss' (an alias for Rudolf). At pages 14 and 15 Rademacher sets out the arguments used by Rudolf in his witness statement. That article   also refers to Neuferts Bauentwurfslehre', a standard architectural handbook, which was used by Irving when cross-examining van Pelt (as appears from the transcript of the trial, for example, Day 10, pages 168-170). It appears likely that the Claimant had this material at trial.
35. Although Rudolf does not give a date for the Rademacher article in his witness statement, where it is cited in the Van Pelt Critique (at note 29) the date is given as 1994.
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