Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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D. Ventilation system (27-29)

30.Page 27 - extract from judgment (7.62).
31.The Gray critique at page 5 states "it is not very intelligent of justice Gray to parrot the false and long ago refute (sic) chinas by his incompetent "expert" witness....[Pelt]" and refers us to the van Pelt Critique. Page 28 of the witness statement and the first five lines of page 29 are reproduced from van Pelt Critique.
32.The referenced documents for this section were all available no later than 1994. Footnote 22 and 23 refer to a 1994 article by Carlo Mattogno "Auschwitz: The End of a Legend" ("MDB 4" tab 8). This document is available on the 'Vho' website at http://www.vho.org/GB/Books/anf/Mattogno.html. At page 30 and 31 of this article, Mattogno deals with the ventilation system and sets out the arguments put forward by Rudolf, which are not new. The argument that the ventilation system was not suitable for removing toxic gas was also put forward by Rademacher in his 1994 article 'The Case of Walter Luftl' page 20 (see 34 and 35 below).
<< C. Dummy showerheads (pag...Q. Coke consumption and c... >>

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