Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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C. Dummy showerheads (pages 18 - 27)

26.Page 18 extract from Gray judgment (7.51).
27.Rudolf acknowledges in his witness statement that 'The following is based on research by Samuel Crowell and taken from his article'. In fact pages 19 to 23 and 24 to 27 directly replicate Crowell's article "Bomb shelters in Birkenau: a re-appraisal dated 6/5/2000"   (see "MDB 4" tab 6 pages 56-61). Thus where Rudolf states in his Witness statement, at page 24, "On the basis of the above report, I feel justified in drawing the following conclusions..." he is in fact quoting directly from Crowell and using Crowell's conclusions as his own (see page 59 'On the basis of the above report, we feel justified in drawing the followingconclusions'). The witness statement pre-dates the arguments concerned to 1989. This is confirmed in the Crowell article atpage 56.
28.Interestingly although Crowell is repeated word for word in the Rudolf witness statement, one sentence is missing: the line "This is an argument that we pointed to in late 1997, and has probably been made by others" appears in Crowell, but not in the witness statement (compare page 60 of Crowell and page 25, line 14 of the witness statement). The fact is that the Crowell article is a review of material previously in the public domain. (see page 3 of Crowell) and that the Claimant is well aware of this work. As noted at page 2 and 3 of Crowell 'In early 1998, we received copies of three documents from...Moscow...These documents along with a brief letter...were published on the internet website of the British historian David Irving.' (Crowell also states that Rudolf published his article 'Technique and operation of German Anti-Gas shelters in World War Two' in 1998). Indeed Irving has published other Crowell documents on his website (see "N1DB 4" tab 7). For example he carried a link from his 'dossier on Auschwitz and other Nazi atrocities' to the 'Codoh' website publication of Crowell's 'The Gas Chambers of Sherlock Holmes' which itself carried links (at note 1, page 12) to earlier Crowell articles. Irving also published Crowell's comments on Kurt Aumeier and the Himmler daybook entry of 18 December 1941. Irving's site also has correspondence with Crowell in 1998. And who is Crowell? We are told by Rudolf that Crowell is a pseudonym, and by Irving ("NIDE 4" tab 7 page 9) that he is an academic but we know nothing of him or his qualifications.
29. The information in the Rudolf witness statement that is not contained in Crowell is taken from the Carlo Mattogno article "Morgue cellars of Birkenau: Gas shelters or disinfecting chambers?" (Page 8). At page 19 (lines 3-9) Rudolf quotes Bischoff and sources a document APMO, BW/34 p.40 at FN 16. In the Gray Critique however the same Bischoff quotation is used but prefaced by 'Let me quote from an article written by Carlo Mattogno'; a hyperlink at that point leads to the Martogno article, which sources the quotation (set our at page 7 and 3) as APMO, BW/34. p40. The translation provided is   by Crowell, not Mattogno (Crowell page 33) and Crowell notes that this document has been known since at least 1989. Rudolf sources Mattogno at page 23 when taking lines 7-14 from the article (page 8), but Rudolf sates that Mattogno's article was published in 2000 when, in fact, the article dates from 1999 (see 19(i) above). FN 20 and 21 are taken directly from the Mattogno articles footnotes (23 and 24, page 13).
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