[The Van Pelt Report]: Electronic Edition, by Robert Jan van Pelt

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3. Material instructions

This report has been prepared on the instructions of Davenport Lyons and Mishcon de Reya, the First and Second Defendants solicitors respectively (my "Instructing Solicitors"). I received both written and oral instructions which consisted of a conversation held at the offices of Mishcon de Reya on 24 February, 1998, a letter received from Mishcon de Reya dated June 9, 1998, and a letter received from Davenport Lyons dated August 21, 1998.
In the letter from Mishcon de Reya,my task was described as follows:
You will be submitting a report on the gas chambers and exterminations at Auschwitz which will show that what Irving says about the camps in this respect is untrue.19

The contract for my work on the matter, which took the form of a letter from Davenport Lyons dated August 21, 1998, stated that there were five points of contention, two of which--(i) and (ii)-- directly concern my own expertise:
The Defendants seek to justify the following:--
(i) That Irving has on numerous occasions denied the Holocaust -ie the systematic extermination of Europe's Jewish population by the Nazis -and denied that gas chambers were used by the Nazis as a means of carrying out that extermination;
(ii) That he holds extremist views and has allied himself with others who do so, including individuals such as Dr Robert Faurisson,and Ernst Zü;ndel;

After having established that the "[t]he burden of proof is on the defendants," the letter continued as follows:  
We would like to engage you to be one of the Defendants' team of experts. Your role will be to provide a written report on the aspect(s) of the case within your area of expertise as instructed by us. You will obviously liaise with Richard Evans who is co-ordinating the expert team.
You are specifically asked to provide a report in relation to the true numbers of Jews killed by gassing at Auschwitz and elsewhere, demonstrating that these numbers have been falsified by Irving and that Irving's denial of mass gassings and of the existence of gassing facilities at Auschwitz and elsewhere is a falsification or distortion of history.Also to show that the supposed "scientific" evidence presented by Irving is false or misleading.20
I accepted this description of my task by countersigning the two copies of the letter, returning one to Davenport Lyons.
This report addresses the issues raised in the letters of Mishcon de Reya and Davenport Lyons. It particularly addresses the core issues under dispute listed under sections 1 and 2 of the "Defence of the Second Defendant," and in Irving's "Reply to Defence of Second Defendant." It will demonstrate that there were gas chambers in Auschwitz, that there is wartime archival evidence for this, that the silence in the SS ciphers about the gassings does not mean they did not take place,and that the absence of "one million cadavers ...produced by killing operations at Auschwitz" does not point at the absence of the crime--as Irving argues in his "Reply to Defence of Second Defendant"--but to the efficiency of the crematoria.


19. Letter Harriet Benson of Mishcon de Reye to Robert Jan van Pelt, June 9, 1998.
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