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12 Feb 1981 Letters DVU/P asking P to speak; P says he cannot (no time); Frey writes personally, saying that he is pleased that there is a new edition of Hitler's War; that they will print a review which will find him "crown witnesses" for his Göring biographies; and that they want to meet him.
3 Apr 1981
13 Jul 1981
18 Dec 1981 Letter Frey to P thanking P for his agreement to speak in Hamburg and Dusseldorf; suggests he speak generally about revisionism; not mentioning the Jews or Hitler. SC para 25.4a
15 Feb 1982 Letter Frey to P thanking him for agreeing to speak for the 10th time at one of their meetings; strongly urging him not to mention Hitler and the Jews at their meetings; suggestion that P should be awarded the European Freedom Prize of the DNZ to P. SC para 25.4a
19 Feb 1982 P agrees to accept the prize as a prize of the German people which he would be proud to accept. Agrees not to mention Hitler and the Jews.
18 Mar 1982 Letter Frey to P: he will be awarded the Freedom Prize; suggests speech topic to P - 'falsifications as a weapon against the German people'; P has agreed to another 10 speeches in June 1982 and will receive DM20,000.
13 Apr 1982 Letter Frey to P: Frey trusts that P as always will not mention the Jews and Hitler; the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Müncher Merkur had given in regarding wrongly reporting that P was a proponent of "(Auschwitz lie)...my congratulations". SC para 25.4a
23 Jul 1982 Frey to P suggesting air terror as a speech topic; in a hand-written remark (page 2 of the letter): "please don't mention Hitler and Jews": SC para 25.4a
16 Aug 1982 Letter Frey to P. Frey gives P instructions about the content of his speech - suggests as a topic: who bears responsibility for the unatoned holocaust of expulsion (that is, of the 3 million Germans from former German territories in the East after WW2); 'on the attached copy you find the broadcast dates for the repeat of the Hollywood-Holocaust soap [schinken] on the "German" television'; during those days P would therefore speak at different times about the expulsion-holocaust and give the real historical accompanying music to this Horror-Schnulze; Frey asks that P please in all the circumstances leave Hitler and the Jews completely out of the game (aus dem Spiel). SC para 25.4.a.
12 Oct 1982 Letter Frey to P: 'for 4 decades, the mass media has given Germany all the guilt; horror-soaps (Horror-Schinken) like 'Holocaust' give the wrong picture of history; adequate representations of Soviet crimes are missing in the mass media.' As a PS - P has been invited to a television discussion; Frey advises him not to speak long about whether an order of Hitler exists. SC para 25.4a
23 Nov 1982 P statement in connection with a round table discussion after the broadcast of 'Holocaust' on First German TV; 'I do not espouse "the 6 million lie"; nor do I support it academically. On the contrary. In my published works, I myself speak of the ausrottung of 6 million Jews. My conviction is therefore the exact opposite of those persons who spread the "6 million lie".'
8 Dec 1982 Letter Frey to P expressing interest in the 'Schlegelberger memo'.
31 Dec 1982 Letter Frey to P about Rudel's place in military history - asking P to speak for about 30 minutes at a DVU rally.
9 Jan 1983 P's speech at DVU rally (Rudel memorial). See P's material for this talk which includes: '..by what should we recall the legacies of Stalingrad? By the traitors like von Seydlitz?' (point 9 of materials) P also talks of the 'forgotten heroes' ['vergessenen Helden'] who fought on the Eastern front, contrasting them to the resistance within the Reich and their "heroic" deeds SC para 25.5
29 Apr 1983 Letter Frey to P: another example of Frey giving directions to P about the content of his speech. SC para 25.4a
10 May 1983 Letter Frey to P: As he knows the DVU and a national newspaper paid almost DM100,000 for his speeches; Frey intended to make large payments to him; however, Frey complains that it is not acceptable for P, as in Fulda, to arrive an hour late. Frey complains about the 'immense costs'; that the collection result/book selling were marginal; that many people left before P arrived and so on.
12 Dec 1983 Letter Frey to P warning him that he will only be paid if he remains to the very end of the meeting ('also keinesfalls die Veranstaltung verlassen').
10 Mar 1984 P speaks at DVU rally on freedom for Rudolf Hess SC para 25.6
June 1984 Schedule of P's lectures (9 in June 1984). [This is an example only of the schedules of P's speeches for the DVU]
13 May 1984 Letter DSZ (Dröse) to P: Frey has instructed him to ask P the following: P surely had the opportunity to do research in the Berlin Document Centre; they were interested whether and if so in which NS organisations certain persons were involved; the list of names was attached; they offered P a fee of DM2000 + DM200 per person if there is something. [The names listed include prominent political and other public figures, including newspaper editors, theologians, historians, and a judge; principally prominent left and/or liberal figures]. SC para 26.1
18 May 1984 Letter P to BDC: P asks to do research in the BDC - claiming that he is researching Göring's war years - and wants to check up on minor officials. SC paras 26.2, 26.5
19 May 1984 Diary: P refers to Frey's request for P to do 'lucrative research in Berlin Document Centre. I doubt I will get access though. I wrote immediately to BDC applying. Access was permitted, but only to those names on my list of people who had since died: ie, none". SC para 26.4
20 Jun 1984 Letter Frey to P (no copy of P's letter to Frey of 17 June) - stating that it was probably not worthwhile going to USA to do research.
26 Jun 1984 Letter Berlin Document Centre to P. SC para 26.5
25 Jul 1984 Letter German Embassy to P (no copy his letter to them): setting out grounds on which law prohibits foreigners from being involved in German politics (including (1) if what they do is not in accordance with international law; (2) not in accordance with the constitution; or (3) if it supports parties whose activities are not in accordance with the same.
4 Aug 1984 P speaks at DVU rally on the martyrdom of Rudolf Hess. SC para 25.7
7 Aug 1984 Letter P to Frey sending him original footage of the 'liberation' of Dachau.
22 Aug 1984 Letter Frey to P asking him to send material that might help (exculpate) Barbie to his (Barbie's) daughter.
4 Oct 1984 Letter P to BDC: P refers to Frey as 'one of the few people on the Right putting his money where his mouth is in the fight against the Far Left. That is why I place my oratory at his disposal.'
30 Nov 1984 and 19 Jan 1985 Letter about the meeting on 19.1.85. P speaks at the grosskundgebung of the DVU - P commemorates Colonel Dahl, who was awarded the European Freedom Prize by DNZ.
Jan 1985 P gives an interview to the school magazine, Stuka - telling them not to believe their teachers
2 Apr 1985 Letter Frey to P (two versions of same letter)
2 Jun 1985 DVU awards Hans Ulrich Rudel prize to P. [Documents here include P's notes about Rudel; the agenda for the meeting (the DVU hired the Barbarossa room at the Maritim Hotel, Würzburg, under which Dahl was to make an address, then the finance report of the party for 1984, then a speech by Frey (on unity for Germany and freedom for Europe); then, after a pause, P is awarded the Rudel prize and speaks on the secrets of the air war 1939-45; also press cuttings disclosed by P relating to the demonstration);]
10 Aug 1985 P speaks at mass party rally for DVU (Grosskundgebung) - at which Dahl also speaks.
24 Oct 1985 Letter Frey to P. SC para 25.4a (on Frey's directions to P)
8 Nov 1985 List of P's speeches at 8 DVU meetings in November 1985 [included by way of example].
18 Nov 1985 P's notes for a talk on reunification - 'Is there a way?'
19 Jan 1986 P speaks at DVU rally (Colonel Dahl) SC para 25.8
9 Aug 1986 P speaks at DVU rally in Passau. Diary: 'Frey's speech is the best I have heard from him. He will have to use a bigger hall next time. I was given a standing ovation at the end - my first. ... Altogether rather pleased with myself.'
19 Dec 1986 Letter P to Frey: refers to P's intention to go to South Africa - to speak about South Africa to 'fight back' ['Schlägt zurück!']
Aug 1987 P's speech at annual DVU rally in Passau (on Hess) SC para 25.9
31 Aug 1987 Letter Frey writes congratulating him on his speech.
27 Jun 1989 Letter BDC to P SC para 26.6
5 Jul 1989 Diary: P refers to writing to Berlin Document Centre, 'apologising for my 1984 lapse ... I don't think it will work'.
9 Oct 1989 Letter Frey sends P questions about revisionism - and ask how he sees his new task as a historian in this time (P's responses were subsequently published in the DNZ).
9 Mar 1990 Order banning P from speaking at Passau based on views P had expressed (not at DVU meetings) to the effect that the American Jews were responsible for the war against Germany; there was no systematic extermination of the Jews in the Third Reich - or in concentration camps (especially, that the extermination of Jews in Auschwitz was a lie); that Hitler held his hand over the Jews etc.
10 Mar 1990 Diary: P appears at Passau - he goes on stage 'to vigorous applause", but is handed an order banning him from speaking. 'Schweinerei'
15 Oct 1990 Letter Frey to P emphasising that he was not responsible for the Passau ban, which was not caused by P's appearance for the DVU, but for other appearances. Frey reiterates - P should not speak at all at their meetings about Hitler and the Jews (we have repeated our agreement so often that I will leave you with this short hint that this applies to future meetings as well). SC para 25.4b
20 Dec 1990 Letter Frey to P stating that the DVU will pay P only on the precondition that P is present in the room at the opening of the meeting, whether he is allowed to speak or not.
30 Jan 1991 Letter P to Frey.
30 Jan 1991 Letter Frey to P. Frey emphasises that P must follow the political line (outside he has not - hence the ban) SC para 25.4b
16 Feb 1991 P addresses a DVU rally in Passau. SC para 25.10 Diary: P refers to 'his finest political speech so far'. He described the meeting: 'At 4pm I spoke: the audience came alive, began cheering, roaring with laughter, chanting my name (first time) "Irving, Ir-ving"
20 Mar 1991 Letter P to Frey asking if Frey knew that the Auschwitz authorities had tested the 'gas chambers', with the same negative results as Leuchter. 'I give the well known legend two more years' ['Ich gebe der bekannten Legende noch zwei Jahre Zeit...']
22 Mar 1991 Fax DSZ to P attaching a leaflet (not copied) in which Althans says P participated in the demonstration at the Feldherrnhalle.
3 Oct 1991 Letter P (from Canada) to Frey congratulating him on the success of the DVU in the Bremen election.
21 Nov 1991 Letter P to von Sprenger - claiming that P 'always spoke as an historian, never as a politician'.
6 Dec 1991 P spoke at the first Grosskundgebung of the DVU in Passau. SC para 25.11
26 Dec 1991 Letter P to DVU (Wetzel): provisionally agreeing to speak at Passau on 14.3.92; and telling him that P is going to South Africa on 24.1.92 'in order to continue the fight' ['wo ich den Kampffortsetzen werde']
4 Mar 1992 P speaks at DVU meeting. SC para 25.2
22 Dec 1993 Letter P to Frey, congratulating him on his success with his Russian friend.


1. See Statement of Case (SC), section 6, paragraph 26; Requests for Information, "Extremism" section 32-37.
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