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David Irving's Right Wing Extremism

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Clarendon Club1

Date Document
17 July 80 Letter Rushton (BNP) to P, about meeting on 13 July.
30 July 80 Letter John Ormowe to P about Private Eye article about Clarendon Club meeting. 'In a way it's quite helpful (a) because it's completely confused over the real instigators of the C Club, (b) it mentions none of our associates but for Robin (c) the C Club is effectively defunct and (d) you can, if pressed, quite truthfully state that you never been introduced to any of those mentioned but for RR. I supposed, if pressed, you can always say that you were simply invited to address several dinners of the C Club....'
1 Sep 80 Letter Ormowe: 'It was very good to see you at Friday's reception at David Irving's. I am sure that you will keep anything you learned or heard there to yourself, as we are anxious not to attract unnecessary attention...'
Undated List of Clarendon Club names and address for circulation. Includes Griffin (current head of BNP), Hancock, Souter Clarence and Ormowe.
1989 Clarendon Club Guest - Check List Includes Moffatt, Edmonds, Morse and Lecomber (BNP)
8 Sep 1989 Clarendon Club dinner. Diary: 'My speech on Counter feit history (fake Canaris diary, Anne Frank diary, Hitler diary, Auschwitz). Stupid Tony Hancock vandalized one of the big photos with ballpoint pen....'
1990 P's Clarendon Club speech [and see extracts quoted in the note 'Political Portrait' of P-inserted at the front of K4 - see paragraphs 1.5A-1.5C and 2.L of that note]
19 Oct 91 Fax from P (in Buenos Aires) to Andrew Moffatt, angry that P's private address had been printed on a Clarendon Club leaflet. 'The last two years of this struggle are going to be very turbulent indeed'
15 Nov 91 Clarendon Club meeting at Chelsea Town Hall SC para 22 (and RFI 29)
- Invitation to the meeting identifies Faurisson as the principal speaker. 'The theme of his talk will be 'the Myth of the Gas Chambers'. Leuchter was due to attend (it says), but was banned by the Home Secretary and would address the meeting via a video.
- There is film of part of the meeting. Transcript of part of P's introduction (including that his new edition of Hitler's War did not mention the Holocaust 'If something didn't happen, then you don't even dignify it with a footnote.')
- P diary entry: "I introduced Faurisson, who spoke academically and painstakingly, frightening the audience out of the wits. Then I said 'Boy have we got a treat for you', read out a spoof letter from 'the Home Secretary' and announced that we had Fred Leuchter here, despite the ban. Standing ovation for poor Fred. He too began painstakingly and slowly, with the result that he was only 15 minutes into his speech when disaster struck...'
19 Sep 92 Clarendon Club meeting-at which P and Zündel spoke.
- There is a transcript of the first part of P's speech;
- And of Zündel's speech (see the Zündel documents-file 2) [see extracts quoted in note 'Political Portrait' of P, inserted at front of K4-paras 1.2I, 1.7T, 1.8A-B, 2.D, 2.E, 2.J] SC 23
29 May 93 Clarendon Club meeting at Bow Town Hall-at which P speaks. [see extracts quoted in 'Political Portrait' of P, inserted at front of K4-paras 1.5G, 1.5H1.11H, 2.F, 2.K]
6 Mar 94 Clarendon Club invitation to 'private and exclusive reception' with Doug Christie. Christie had come to London to defend Lady Birdwood in the Old Bailey.


1. See Statement of Claim (SC) section 6, paragraphs 21-23; Requests for Information (RFI) "Extremism" paragraph 29.
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