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David Irving, Holocaust Denial, and his Connections to Right Wing Extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) in Germany: Electronic Edition, by Hajo Funke

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6.4 Further appeals.

6.4.1Irving was initially optimistic about his chances of overturning the expulsion. To his lawyer, Irving wrote 'Anyway I don't intend to appear in the FRG before the middle of next year, therefore it has time. As a first step I will enter into a working relationship with a German firm, so that I can demonstrate a reason for being in the FRG.'585 On 30 December 1993 Irving wrote to Mainz lawyer, Dr. K A R Schütz:
Two ideas of mine: (a). I am in a working relationship with a small north German publishers, as has been recently confirmed in writing. (b) what if I stand for a seat in the European Parliament, perhaps as a NPD candidate? Would one administer a residency ban? Merely an idea.586
6.4.2But all further appeals in Germany against his fine and his expulsion were rejected out of hand, or the courts found against him.587 They all pronounced along similar lines   that the FRG had a right and a duty to protect itself from the extremist political efforts of the likes of Irving.
The Federal Republic of Germany must not become a playground for right-wing extremist authors. There is no demand for psuedo-scientific denials of the Holocaust that however have the aim of reaching a justification of the NS dictatorship.588
6.4.3In the meantime an appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights, prepared with Zündel was likewise declared inadmissible.589
The public interests in the prevention of crime and disorder in the German population due to insulting behaviour against Jews, and similar offences, and the requirements of protecting their reputation and rights, outweigh, in a democratic society, the applicant's freedom to impart publications denying the existence of the gassing of Jews under the Nazi regime...590


585. 'Ich habe sowieso nicht die Absicht, vor Mitte nächsten Jahres in der BRD zu erscheinen, es hat also noch Zeit. Als erster Schritt werde ich in ein Arbeitsverhältnis mit einer deutschen Firma eintreten, damit ich in eine Begründung vorweisen kann, in der BRD zu sein.' Irving to Hajo Herrmann, 23 November 1993.
586. 'Zwei Ideen von mir: (a). Ich stehe im Arbeitsverhältnis mit einem norddeutschen Kleinverlag, wie dieser mir neuerdings brieflich bestätigte. (b) wie wäre es, wenn ich etwa für einen deutschen Sitz im Europa-Parlament kandidieren würde, etwa als NPD Kandidat? Würde man mich mit Aufenthaltsverbot versehen können? Lediglich eine Idee.' Irving to Dr. Schutz, 30 December 1993.
587. Dr. Suckow [Lt. Verwaltungsdirektion], Kriesverwaltungsreferat, Landeshauptstadt München, 16 March 1995; Landesanwaltschaft München, Verwaltungsstreitsache David Irving, 21 February 1996; Bavarian Verwaltungsgericht, Munich, 'Urteil in der Verwaltungsstreitsache David Irving...gegen die Landeshauptstadt München', 21 March 1996.
588. 'Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland darf nicht zum Tummelplatz für rechtsradikale Autoren werden. Es besteht kein Bedarf für pseudowissenschaftliche Leugnung des Holocaust, womit wohl als Ziel eine Rechtfertigung der NS-Diktaktur erreicht werden soll.' Ibid., p. 5.
589. Ernst Zündel to Irving, 3 May 1993; Ernst Zündel to Irving, 2 May 1993; Ernst Zündel to Jacob Th. Müller [United Nations Office, Geneva], 2 May 1993; Irving to Ernst Zündel, 3 May 1993.
590. European Commission of Human Rights, First Chamber Decision as the Admissibility of Application No. 26551/95 by D.I. Against Germany, p. 5.
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