David Irving, Holocaust Denial, and his Connections to Right Wing Extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) in Germany: Electronic Edition, by Hajo Funke

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5.6 OPC observations 1991.

5.6.1.The importance of the revisionist campaign in 1991 is substantiated by the various VSBs, both on the federal and state levels. They noted that the revisionist campaign had become enmeshed in neo-Nazi strategies to widen their political influence, especially in eastern Germany and to initiate a new Neo-Nazi movement in Germany.
The so-called revisionists intensified their endeavour to spread their opinions that no crimes were committed, certainly not the Holocaust which is a propaganda lie put about by the victorious Allies of World War II. Neo-Nazis and the "national democrats" tried four times to arrange meetings with Holocaust deniers from Germany and abroad:
  • the first attempt took place on the 23-3-91 in Munich...,
  • on the 29-6-91 the NF leader, Schönborn tried to organise a meeting in Cham, amongst others with Faurisson...
  • the third attempt was made by the NPD leader Deckert; this meeting, planned for the 1.9.91 in Weinheim was banned. Karl Philipp and Udo Walendy, (both former NPD members) were to address the gathering.
  • finally Deckert was successful on the 10.11.91 and Leuchter addressed more than 100 people.405
5.6.2.The VS Report added, 'But again the most active speaker on German soil was David Irving, who spoke in Passau, Rothemburg ob der Tauber, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Pforzheim, Lentförden (county Seegeberg) and Halle an der Saale amongst others.'


405. Verfassungsschutz-Bericht, 1991, pp. 122 ff.
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