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David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial: Electronic Edition, by Richard J. Evans

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(vii) Deliberate suppression of evidence: the annotation of Hans Pfeiffer

1. Hans Pfeiffer [d. 1944] was one Hitler's staff officers from October 1939 until his death. On 29 December 1942 Himmler presented Hitler report number 51 in a series on SS so-called anti-partisan operations [Meldungen an den Führer über Bandenbekämpfung]. The report detailed the number of Soviet partisans captured and executed between August and November 1942. It contained a section on 'partisan helpers and suspected partisans' [Bandenhelfer und Bandenverdächtete] which had a separate section for 'executed Jews' [Juden executiert]. Of a total of 386,033 people shot, the report separately lists 363,211 'Jews executed'. The report was typed up on the 'Führer typewriter' (so-called because of its large type to compensate for Hitler's bad eyesight) and bore the annotation 'presented 31/12' in Hans Pfeiffer's handwriting   and with his initials.192 Irving himself mentions this report on page 436 of Hitler's War, minus the annotation, thus giving the impression that Hitler did not read the report, whereas in fact the typewriter and annotation indicate that Hitler was expecting the report, and people in his entourage knew he was receiving it.193


192. NA / T - 175 / 124 / 2598775 - 78. NO - 1128 is a copy made from one of the carbons. This point was made by Sydnor, p. 183.
193. Document 1921.
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