David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial: Electronic Edition, by Richard J. Evans

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(ii) Hitler and the 'final solution': the Himmler minute of 22 September 1942

1. On 22 September 1942, Himmler had a lengthy meeting with Hitler. Judging from Himmler's hand-written agenda notes, one subject appears to have been the extermination of the Jews. Under to heading 'Race and Settlement', Himmler noted:
  • 1. Emigration of Jews
    • how to be further proceeded?
  • 2. Settlement Lublin -
    • Circumstances
    • Lorrainers
    • Gen[eral] Gouv.[ernement]
    • Germans from Bosnia
    • Globus
    • Bessarabia
2. The fact that Himmler discussed the 'emigration of the Jews', a euphemism for the extermination of the Jews frequently used by the Nazis, as well as 'Globus', his nickname for Globocnik, who was responsible for this programme of mass extermination in the   General Government, raises the strong suspicion that the mass annihilation of the Jews was one of the topics of conversation between Hitler and Himmler on that day.
4. This interpretation has been advanced by a number of historians. For instance, Gerald Fleming concluded that the note made clear that 'the Führer and his Reichsführer SS discussed the operations that came under Globocnik's supervision'.18 Saul Friedländer, another expert on the history of Jews in the 'Third Reich', accepts Himmler's note for the meeting on as indirect proof 'that Hitler attentively followed the process of annihilation'.19 Thomas Sandkühler, a specialist historian of the operation, argues that the note shows that in September 1942 'Himmler reported to Hitler on the annihilation of the Jews'.20


17. IV. Volkstum u. Siedlung
  • 1) Judenauswanderung
    • Wie soll weiter verfahren werden?
  • 2) Besiedlung Lublin
    • Lothringer
    • Verhältnisse
    • Deutsche aus Bosnien.
    • Gen. Gouv.
    • Bessarabien
    • Globus

BA Berlin, NS 19/1447, Bl. 78089, here 85: Vortrag beim führer Wehrwolf, 22.9.1942. Some historians have dated this document 7 October 1942, or 17 October 1942. However, esamining the original file in the German Federal Archives on microfiche leaves doubt that the date for the meeting was 22 September 1942. Himmler's entry under te heading 'Volkstum u. Siedlung' continued, but the following boints (settlement of the Crimea; registration of illegitimate children in Russia) are not relevant to the above topic.
18. G. fleming, Hitler and teh final Solution (London, 1985), p. 64.
19. '...dafür, daß Hitler den Prozeß der Vernichtung aufmerksam verfolgte'; S. Friedländer, 'Vom Antsemitismus zur Judenvernichtung', in E. Jäckel, J. Rohwer (eds.), Der Mord an den Juden im Zweiten Weltkrieg (Stuttgart, 1985), p. 47.
20. '...berichtete Himmler Hitler über die Judenvernichtung'; T. Sandkühler, 'Endlösung' in Galizien (Bonn, 1996), p. 180.
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