Holocaust Denial on Trial, Skeleton Argument of the Claimant (long): Electronic Edition, by Adrian Davies

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What documents had Hitler actually read?

108.At 13.57, Gray J finds that:--
"The evidence which prompted Irving to make these concessions consisted in the regular reports made by the Einsatzgruppen to Berlin; the preparation by the RSHA in Berlin of Ereignismeldungen (event announcements). . . "
109.There was no evidence before the Court that even one of these Ereignismeldungen was shown to Hitler.
"... and a report numbered 51 dated 29 December 1942 which recorded the "execution" of 363,112 Jews and which (as Irving accepted) was probably shown to Hitler."
110.Irving did not so accept, but on the contrary, demonstrated that there was no evidence whatever that it had been read by Hitler. Merely vorgelegt (submitted) was not good enough, as he demonstrated by reference to a document which had been vorgelegt twice, proving that it had not been read when merely vorgelegt once. There was no "paper trail," no replies, action, comments, etc. on the main document in question.
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