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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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0. Air Raid Shelters (pages 305 - 317)

85.At page 307 we are told "Samuel Crowell has collected ample evidence proving that the SS were indeed concerned to prevent loss of life amongst the inmates. Some of the most stunning documents will be discussed briefly in the following, thereby relying on his most recent paper, which is an excellent, ground-breaking work that should be made required reading for everybody dealing with this question. This is footnoted at 13. FN 15 is an article by Samuel Crowell entitled "Bomb Shelters at Birkenau: A re-appraisal" available on the Internet at the CODOH site. (See MDB 4 tab 6).
86.On page 15 of the Crowell article we find reference to "Guidelines for Bomb Shelter Construction in the GG" as mentioned in lines 2 and 3 on page 308 of the Witness Statement. On page 16 we find "Entries from the diaries of Hans Frank" as mentioned in lines 4 and 5 of page 308. On page 18 of the Crowell article we find "The Stroop Report". As recorded on lines 6, 7, 8, and 9 of page 308 on page 19 we find the Nuremberg Testimony of Joseph Buehler as referred to at lines 9 and 10 of page 308.
87.At page 309 of the Witness statement is the sub-heading "High level documents about Bomb Shelters. This is replicated in the Cowell article at page 21. The documents in this section in the report dated 14th September 1940, 27th January 1942, 6th March 1943   are found as document 6 on page 23, document 10 on page 25 and document 11 on page 25.
88.At page 310 there is a sub-heading "Mid level documents about Bomb Shelters". This sub-heading is replicated at page 30 of the Crowell article. Pages 310 to 313 are lifted directly from pages 32 to 34 of the Crowell aricle.
89. At page 313 of the Crowell article is a sub-heading "Low level documents concerning Bomb Shelters". This heading is replicated at page 38 of the Crowell article, lines 7 to 15 on page 313 are based on the commentary at page 41 (document 28) of the Crowell article. The June 1994 document about 10 trench shelters mentioned at line 15 of the Witness statement is at page 32 of the Crowell article (document 31), The remainder of page 314 repeats what is written about document 32 on page 42 of the Crowell article. Page 315, lines 1 to 8 are taken from page 43 of the Crowell article. 90.
90.The two documents mentioned on page 313 and 316 are dealt with at pages 45 and 46 of the Crowell article.
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