Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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N. Gas tight doors (pages 283 - 305)

81. Pages 283 - 285 -- extracts from judgment.
82.Pages 285 - 305 taken from the 1998 article "Some details of the building administration of Auschwitz" by Hans Jurgen Nowak and Werner Rademacher (see MOB 4 tab 22).
83.Rudolf in his Witness statement states that in this section he is "mainly using material as researched by the engineers Hans Jurgen Nowak and Werner Rachernacher, whose activities were partly financed, co-ordinated, and eventually published by me". This section (with minor differences) replicates this 1998 article word for word (see page 14 - 27). This includes repeating the footnotes that are in that article.
84.Thus where at for example page 293 on line 8, Rudolf states "this is the only questiom which we shall examine in the following", he refers to we because this directly listed from the article. On page 303 at line 7 he states that "I conclude that" but the conclusions are not his but directly drawn from the article.
<< M. Undressing rooms (page...Q. Coke consumption and c... >>

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