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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

Table of Contents

"Penetration of building material Hydrogen Cyanide" (177-183)

48. Pages 177 - 183 also appeared in the van Pelt Critique (pages 10/11) and the van Pelt Critique 2 (pages 19 - 21).
49. In his witness statement Rudolf supports his conclusions about the "Penetration of building materials by Hydrogen Cyanide" by referring the reader to the following documents:
  • (i) Page 179: Rudolf relies on a table headed "Cyanide concentrations in selected plaster samples taken from the Walls of the Birkenau delousing chambers". This is footnoted 444 ("The Rudolf Report, Theses and Dissertations, AL 2001"). This footnote might suggest that the table was based upon new data. However, this same table appeared in the van Pelt Critique, where it was footnoted 3 ("Das Gutachten. Gutachten uber die Bildung and Nachweisbarkeit von Cyanidverbindungen in den 'Gaskamern' von Auschwitz, Cromwell press, London 1993), and where it had a hyperlink to www.vho.org/d/rga/rga.html (also a direct link to "Das Rudolf Gutachten") (see MDB 4 tab 13). The reader of the Van Pelt critique was directed to chapter 4 of Das Gutachten, where a larger version of the table in the witness statement is to be found (chapter 4.3.3 Table 16). It appears that, by changing the reference for the same table in his witness statement, Rudolf masked the fact that the data was contained in his own report from 1992/1993 and available since that time.
  • (ii)Page 180. FN 441 in the witness statement refers to a 1971 publication. The same source was given in the van Pelt Critique 2 (FN48), but there an additional source was cited as Rudolf's own Report ("See my report about the physical data of HCN, note 3, chapter 2.5 (www.vho.org/D/rga/hcn.html#eigen); that hyperlink takes the reader to Chapter 2.1 of the Rudolf Report, which included table 3 "Physikalische Größen. von HCN" and is footnoted 102: see MDB 4 tab 14). FN 102 is the 1971 publication footnoted in the witness statement at 441. The short point is that although Rudolf made clear in the van Pelt Critique and the van Pelt Critique 2 that he was referring to his own earlier Report as a source, when he used the same material in his witness statement, he deleted that reference. It appears that Rudolf was masking the fact that the same material had been published by him in his own earlier report.
  • (iii)Page 180. Although the argument at C in the witness statement appeared in the same terms in the van Pelt Critique, the witness statement omits a footnote reference to be found in the van Pelt Critique. After "...highly porous materials, comparable perhaps to sponges" the Van Pelt Critique has FN 50 ("See my report about an analysis of the porosity of cement and lime mortar, note 3, chapter 25 (www.vho.org/D/rga/zement.html, which refers the reader to Rudolf's 1993 Report). The hyperlink leads straight to chapter 23.2 of the Rudolf Report (see "MDB 4" tab 15). Rudolf again omits a reference, cited in his Critique, which shows that he is relying on his 1993 Report in making his witness statement.
  • (iv) Page 182: FN 444 refers to the "Rudolf Report 2001". This is misleading as to the date. The same point was made by Rudolf in the van Pelt Critique 2, where it has the footnoted 51 ("Cf the pictures in my report, op.cit (note 3) chapter (vho.org.D/rga,/prob_22.html).) As stated above, note 3 was a reference to the 1993 Rudolf report. The hyperlink leads to chapter "MDB 4" tab 16). It appears that Rudolf has again omitted a reference showing that the witness statement is derived from his own 1993 Report.
  • (v)Page 182: FN 445 refers to a 1992 publication.
50. Whereas at page 182 of the witness statement Rudolf states "Prof Roth, who, after all, is a professor of chemistry, must know all these facts, and one can only assume that Professor Roth felt the need to attack Leuchter in order to avoid being attacked himself   but that he does nor alter the fact he has changed his evidence preferring expediency to truth...". In his van Pelt Critique at page 12 he less neutrally states "This must be known to Prof Roth and one can only wonder why he spreads such outrageous lies. And he is lying, I am dead sure about it".
51.From the above material, it appears that Rudolf has tried to give the impression that material contained in his witness is new when, in fact, it is not. It should be borne in mind that Rudolf sought to emphasise the easy availability of his 1993 Report at an earlier stage. At page 16 of the van Pelt Critique Rudolf stated that "In van Pelt's report, the name Germar Rudolf is not mentioned. According to his statement during the Irving/Lipstadt trial, he has heard about my report, but he never saw it. He obviously never tried to find it. It is freely accessible on the Internet since the end of 1997, and every search engine spits out my name and my report on the very first lines. ..."