Holocaust Denial on Trial, Appeal Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Lord Justice Pill

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97. We have expressed our views on the issues raised by Mr Davies. Limitations of time inevitably are such that Mr Davies did not address us on every single piece of evidence on which the judge relied. In rightly being selective, Mr Davies has no doubt taken the points which he and the applicant consider to be the best ones. He has not persuaded us that it is arguable that the judge's general conclusions were unjustified. Where we have been invited to consider evidence in detail, it does not in our judgment diminish the soundness of the judge's conclusions. The judge expressed his conclusion at 13.165:
"My overall finding in relation to the plea of justification is that the Defendants have proved the substantial truth of the imputations, most of which relate to Irving's conduct as an historian, with which I have dealt in paragraphs 13.7 to 13.127 above. My finding is that the defamatory meanings set out in paragraph 2.15 above at (i), (ii), (iii) and the first part of (iv) are substantially justified."
We agree.

accessed 12 March 2013