Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Charles Gray

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The evidence relied on by the Defendants for the risk of damage to the plates

12.12 The risk of damage arose, according to the Defendants, in three ways. Firstly, when during Irving's first visit the plates were removed from the archive, there was risk to the plates when they were left in a hiding place. According to the evidence, the plates were left on waste ground for the whole afternoon. There was a risk of someone taking them or of damage if it rained.
12.13 The plates were exposed to further risk by reason of their being handled and, on the second, visit by their being taken via Munich to London and back. Even allowing that Irving took great care of them the plates were at one time or another in the hands of three Sunday Times employees.
12.14 The third way in which the plates were put at significant risk arose out of the testing of the plates in London. A small fragment was cut off one plate. Irving was not on hand when the testing was carried out and so was not in a position to ensure that the plates came to no harm.
<< The evidence relied on by...Irving's denial that the ... >>

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