Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Charles Gray

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5.17In 1924 Hitler was tried and, following his conviction, imprisoned for his role in the Nazi uprising in Munich in November 1923.
5.18At p18 of the 1991 edition of Hitler's War Irving makes a passing reference to Hitler's attempted putsch, on which occasion, according to Irving, Hitler "disciplined a Nazi squad for having looted a Jewish delicatessen".
5.19A more detailed account of Hitler's role in the putsch is given at p59 of Goering, where Irving writes:
"Meanwhile Hitler acted to maintain order. Learning that one Nazi squad had ransacked a kosher grocery store during the night, he sent for the ex-Army lieutenant who led the raid. 'We took off our Nazi insignia first!' expostulated the officer - to no avail, as Hitler dismissed him from the party on the spot. 'I shall see that no other nationalist unit allows you to join either!' Goring goggled at this exchange, as did a police sergeant who testified to it at the Hitler trial a few weeks later".
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